Wednesday, February 09, 2011


The last time us Kitchen staff got to go to a party it was a disaster. It was a big celebration up in the Presidential Suite on the 16th floor. The beer was iced up in a couple big Lexans. When the last beer disappeared it left a whole lotsa ice water.
Must have been a hundred gallons of ice water but it wasn't so much that if two Sous Chefs and two banquet cooks got on each side they could'nt be lifted up and dumped on the F&B Director, Banquet Manager, Catering Manager, and three sluts from Sales, like they do to Coaches who have won the Super Bowl.
Its too bad they all happened to be sitting on a $5000 dollar couch.
This caused quite a commotion on the 15th floor as well, when all that Ice water started through the ceiling in the Governors suite.
They made us leave the Party in the Presidential Suite and if we hadn't had a whole Kitchen downstairs to clean up, I imagine Security might have escorted us to the Emplyee entrance.
So while we were cleaning the Kitchen, the Chef came down and bought us 8 bottles of Dom Perignon from Room Service.
It was great!
And the next day the GM wasn't even mad at us for fucking up the two best Suites in the Hotel; he was mad at the Chef because the Chef had signed the Personel Directors name on the ticket for the bottles of Dom Perignon.

Man-o-Man, those boys from the Kitchen!

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