Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One of the opening scenes in "DIE HARD", the Bruce Willis action drama, came to mind while I was in San Diego. Willis plays a New Jersey cop who just landed at the LA Airport to see a tanned blonde busty woman run to greet her lover, and she jumps onto his waist, grappling her legs about him and giving him a passionate kiss.

Willis shakes his head and mutters under his breath "F'n California", because everyone knows anything goes in California, the land of promiscuity.

My new friend named Twilight, out in San Diego, she's a good Christian girl. Unlike everyone else in California, she is no fornicator. She was telling me about a man she met that wanted her to help him coach a soccer team.
"But I don't know anything about soccer" she had told him
"You don't have to...I'll show you everything you need to know" he replied.
I laughed and said "Yeah, I bet he would!"
She looked at me and said "You don't think he was hitting on me do you?"
"Well, yeah, maybe he was" I say.
"But he is married" she says.
"I don't think that makes much difference to some guys" I laughed back.
'But his wife was standing right there" she says.

And thats when I thought of that scene in "DIE HARD".
"F'n California" I muttered, shaking my head.

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