Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We missed the Worlds Record by 5,600 people!

Thats OK, we'll get 'em next year! The World's Biggest Water Balloon fight was a blast! We found out that it takes 8 people 4 hours to fill up about 800 water balloons, and that 100 people can use up 800 water balloons in about 45 seconds. But thats OK becauseit was one the most hilarious 45 seconds I ever had!
I just couldn't stop laughing!
My buddy Mike Stevens came up with the idea back in February, and after a few set backs like finding out you had to have permission to use the local College campus to gather 5,700 people, and that Fire and Police departments needed to be in on it, and that people were going to need to sign Insurance and Lawsuit waivers (what a complicated adverse world we live in), all of which led to several postponements, the big day arrived with a "SPLAT".....but it was a great splat, and there were lots of women in wet t-shirts out there!

Here's to my friends Gina and Kimmy! Aren't they cute?

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Martijn said...

Yep, your friends are cute. It's a comic picture too, with the 'splat!' text and your hand getting close to... ahum... well done! Happy 4th too!