Thursday, June 02, 2011


I had Holli in the booth right beside me.
She looked especially cute, so I started humming the first bars. She looked at me, and when I could tell she could recognize the song, I slid closer to her and began singing:
 "Friday night it was late I was walking you home we got down to the gate..."
 and you know the rest of that first verse, but what you may not realize is that by the time I got to the part: "would it turn out right?" I had, just by looking into Holli's eyes, a pretty fair idea on just how the night might turn out!
And unless she is backing away in horror, if you continue, this song can turn the momentum for you at any verse!
"...and I was dreaming of the night..."
All you have to do is sing sweet as you can and flutter your eyes at the right parts and the next thing you know she has her head on your shoulder and is singing along with you and you have your hand on her leg and Glenn Millers Band blowin' that slide trombone and there's dancin' in the dark and hurry don't be late when we're alone, and the best part about it is the worst that can happen is she doesn't take you serious at all but thinks you are sweet and silly and you just had a great time being a goof and have to slide back over to your side of the booth.
Because that is what I saw looking into Holli's eyes.


red dirt girl said...

oh gosh darn-it. now i NEED a song for cozying up to .... one with easy lyrics to remember.

bulletholes said...

Hi Red! We need to get you a song.

Jo said...

I just love that you used the word britches :)

bulletholes said...

Jo, britches is a good word, yes.

bulletholes said...

Red, I'm thinking Brand New Key would make a good song of seduction for you.

Kim said...

Brand new key is my song. Or brass in pocket