Thursday, July 14, 2011


She calls every year, and we have the same conversation.

"Do you know what day it is?" she asks.
"Bastille Day?"
'No,goofnut, its the day our divorce was finalized."
"Thats nice. I took no note of it. Are you calling to ask me to dinner?"
'In your dreams pal." and she hangs up.

But last year, I ran into her at the grocery. So I asked:
"Do you know what day it is?"
"No, what day is it?"
"Its Bastille Day!" I say.
Her eyes light up "Oh, I had forgotten about our divorce!"
"Yes" I say "How about if I buy you a bottle of Champagne?"
'Oh that would be delightful!"

So we go and buy each other a bottle of Champagne.
"Now why would you buy me a Champagne?"
"It was my random act of kindness today. Why would you buy one for me?"
"Same, same...random act."
" I suppose there is nothing left to say here"
"Except goodbye"


AnitaNH said...

Hi Steve, happy Bastille Day!

bulletholes said...

Thanks Nita! Your great! I haven't been able to comment at Temp Blog for some reason.

allzumenschlich said...

i keep trying not to create anniversaries, but they make themselves and ignore my good intentions.

Kristi said...

I always thought my ex and I would have that kind of divorced relationship. And we did...until he went and got remarried. His new wife didn't like him talking to me he stopped. Ah well, his loss...again.