Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Jason and The Golden Fleece".
I did not check it out, back in April of 1974, I just slipped it into my notebook and left. I loaned it to a girl named Diana Hamilton who never returned it to me.

10 years later I went to a Halloween Party with some friends at some dudes house. I started looking at his bookshelf, and I see the book "Jason and the Golden Fleece". Of course I had to look and see if it had the card holder and if it was the book I had stolen.
It was ! Wow man, how weird!
So I go running to the dude with this book and ask him 'Where did you get this book?" and he says "Aw, that's my roommates" and I say "Who is your roommate?' and he points to some chick dressed like the mystic Princess Medea and says "Diana".
OK, like here I go running in my Scarecrow costume to Diana (dressed as Princess Medea) that I haven't seen her in 9 years and pointing to the book, say:
'This is my book"
"No its not"
"Yes it is"
"No its not"
Its like we are in the fifth grade again and I sense she is about to clobber me, she isn't amused at all, so I say:
"I stole it from the LD Bell library, and loaned it to you and you never gave it back" and I show her the sleeve and the Dewey Decimal Number and the LD Bell stamp and she squints at me in my scarecrow outfit and says:
"Are you Steve Bulletholes?"
Man, we just cracked up!

So, if you have never read "Jason and the Golden Fleece", all about Jason and how he went to Colchis at the ends of the earth to get the Golden Fleece so that he could "take his country back" from the man who murdered his father; and Hercules went with him; and he had to fight off Talos, a 100 foot warrior made of bronze; and captured Harpies that were stealing a blind mans food and sail through the Clashing Rocks; and then be held prisoner by the King of Colchis but then escape with the help of the mystic Princess Medea who had fallen in love with Jason; and fight the Seven Headed Dragon known as the Hydra, then have to fight off the Skeleton warriors known as the 'Children of the Hydras Teeth" that sprang up out of the ground; well, if you want to read that book I got to tell you -
You won't be able to find it at the LD Bell Library.

The library police look an awful lot like the Children of the Hydra's Teeth these days.



Martijn said...

Wow, you were acting up a whole Greek tragedy yourself! Complete with disguises, accusations, jealous women and Theft! Most wonderful.

Martijn said...

Talking about books: I saw a documentary two days ago, "The Lost Kennedy Tapes", all original footage of Dallas 1963. I kept watching deep into the night. Interviews with People On The Street... one of them a kid who could have been you. However, the thing I wanted to ask you is: is Oswald's grave still there, in Fort Worth? Have you even seen it?

bulletholes said...

Martijn, i have a few friends in that cemetary, been to a few funerals, but have never actually gone to look at Oswalds grave.
my son, he is named Lee Rippy Bulletholes, and last week i was teasing him that I should have named him Lee Harvey Bulletholes.

Not far from Oswalds grave is this guy...he seems like a good topic for our pal Mike...
<a href="</a>

bulletholes said...

Try clicking here

Martijn said...

That's hilarious! R.I.P. Raymond Lee "Ray" Murray.

However, I would have thought Oswald would not have been very popular and his grave done away with. Like the way they removed Rudolph Hess last month. But Oswald has never been convicted of course. Thanks Steve! Good weekend!

bulletholes said...

"Never been convicted."
Thats the funniest thing i ever heard. I think i'll put it in my book.

Kim said...

My first exposure to Greek myths was that great cream song. My big brother had the album. Maybe crossroads. I was a book thief too. I still have my library acquisition, a book of poetry, new at that time--74 I think. I still love it and know some of those poems by heart. I justify the theft with the thought that I love it more than anyone else ever would have. A thought that is obviously true about you and Jason, Mr BH. Thanks for the exciting recap of the tale.

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