Monday, August 01, 2011

108 Degrees in the shade

Maybe it’s a little too hot to talk about the old High School Bonfires that they don’t have anymore. I remember going bumpity-bump down Forest Ridge with a crew of guys hanging out a 58 Cherokee Pick-up, gathering wood, and taking it up to the Boys Ranch and adding to the pile there, making ready for Thursday night. It made you feel like you were doing something important, gathering all that wood from dilapidated old horse stalls and outhouses along Glade Road, and down Cheek-Sparger when there was nothing there; and that big ol’ barn that used to be at the end of Bedford Road. And unless some joker torched the huge pile of wood into flames a day early on Wednesday (which was always prone to happen) then on Thursday night you could watch the first fall sweaters come out in the cool October air, beautiful in the light of the Homecoming Bonfire.

It probably really is too hot today to be thinking about these things.


Kim said...

hard to imagine digging out the angora sweaters right now but I have a couple I sure do love. I could turn the ac down real low and dream. If I could afford a higher electric bill

bulletholes said...

I stopped using the hot water in the shower.

Martijn said...

I've got nothing good to say -- just want you to know I read & enjoy.

108... that sounds really hot! At my place, it was 25 eurodegrees yesterday. I bicycled all the way to the ocean (45 kilometres... i.e. 30 miles, and 30 back) and there I read an entertaining book about funerary practices and cemeteries. I got laughed at today for it.

Gee, they don't make sweaters like that any more, which is a shame.

Somewhat related: this morning, I heard a story about Swedish road signs. The 'beware pedestrian crossing' sign had to be updated, and desexisticied: there had to be women on them. But when they designed one, a lot of people protested because the woman was too sexy! Then they designed a new one... protests again because she wasn't elegant enough.

How DO you depict a modern, liberated woman? I'd like to know. I see a challenge!

bulletholes said...

That is a good question Martijn. i still see modern liberated women as wearing a dress. Modern Liberated women have such great legs.