Monday, August 29, 2011


62 Days over 100. They ought to have a name for that, like they have a name for hurricanes and stuff. While they were sitting through a little wind and rain for the weekend, what we have been dealing with for better than two months now is brutal. When you open your front door, it sizzles, you can hear the heat, like the hum that comes off of a big transformer. You open your door, and the light hits you and you feel like Spock when he entered the reactor core of the Enterprise in “The Wrath of Khan”.

You open the door, and I swear by god it blows your hair back.

I put up curtains for my sister this weekend. They were ivory colored. But when we got them on the window, they changed to a kind of plutonium yellow. My sister says “Oh no, I didn’t want yellow! Her hands are over her face, she can’t stand to look at the glowing yellow fabric. It looks like something that could  cause cancer. Even her little dog Bella has her paws over her face. “How did that happen?” she asks.
I said “It’s a big ball of Nuclear Fission Lisa, its 400,000 times the size of the earth and a mere 93 million miles away. It burns at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Its called the sun and we are lucky its only 109 today.”

62 Days over 100. They say we will be getting a break this weekend.


red dirt girl said...

And soubry wondered why i wanted to stay inside with all the blinds closed - i like my semi-cool cave!


soubriquet said...

Where's the spirit that won the west?, I ask, -Did all those Texicans stay inside the Alamo just because it was cooler than going outside?


bulletholes said...

I don't know how they did it Souby. I really don't. My friend Pam down around Austin has recorded about a dozen days over 110 in the last two weeks.
It was 115 yesterday.

red dirt girl said...

The battle for the Alamo was February 23 – March 6, 1836. I'm thinking there weren't too many over 100 degree temp days during that siege...