Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I had my friend Susan from Mobile over for dinner last night. We always have so much fun! I made a nice Creamy Cucumber Soup w/ Dill. I had forgotten how good that stuff is.

Anyway we are cleaning up after (you wouldn’t believe how clean my apartment has been lately) and she asks if I had any ‘dishrags”.

Man, there was something about that question that caused the short hairs on my neck to go up. I didn’t even know how to answer at first. So I got to thinking about it and I remembered from my old chef days in the kitchen how it went.

Some new cook, fresh out of prison, or chefs school maybe, would come along, apron all dirty, tomato sauce on his sleeves, lard and flour on his shoetops, Guacamole finger-marks on his pant-legs and ask:
“Where do you keep the rags?”
“The what?”
“The rags.”
“Rags, excuse me? This is not a Jiffy Lube here ya know. This is the Hyatt. We call them “towels”.”

Of course I had to tell Susan I was just an old bachelor, and didn’t hardly even have any “towels”. I been using old torn shirts and socks and underwear and stuff.
I’m going to have to get me some proper kitchen towels.


Kim said...

hmmm. clean apartment. proper dishtowels. lovely summer soups. testosterone. methinks thou art up to some kinda crazy hijinks...

bulletholes said...

I'd forgotten how good that Cucumber Soup is. It will make your knees buckle.

Kim said...

You sure it was the soup that did it? I need that recipe!

bulletholes said...

Peel and seed cucumbers, rough dice, into the food processor with some heavy cream. Pulse lightly, dont overdo it. S&P, finish with lots of fresh dill. Little dollop of Sour cream and dill srpig as a garnish. Serve in a big red wine glass.
Clean clean clean on the palete. Some folks put yogurt or lemon and other stuff. I prefer it unmasked and pure.

Kim said...

sounds simple and elegant. I will try it! thanks!