Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My niece Jen, she writes. She is working on her dissertation for a Doctorate in Math. She wrote this last week that really threw me:
"In spite of a few bad writing days, my writing streak now numbers 31 days, exactly 15.5 times longer than my previous longest writing streak."

The question implied was obvious, I can visualize the formula, but to me the answer was not so obvous. I get stuck somewhrere.
Maybe I don't deal well with halves.
To me, a half an apple is an impossibility.
What do I mean?
What could the other half be?
Even half an apple is still an apple, yes?


red dirt girl said...

I never could do word problems - they were the bane of my mathematical existence!


Kim said...
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Kim said...

I see the answers in my head but i can't explain how to get there. turns out that doesn't count on math tests. math as a subject is so impractical.

goatman said...

Try the square root of minus one, if you think that "half" is undecipherable!