Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hard lesson, not trusting anybody. Even another hippy. When I was 16 I was driving down the highway down by Forest Hill at midnight, I'd never been on that stretch before, and me and my buddy were cruisin' and smokin', stereo up loud like we used to do back then, and I kinda swerved and nearly hit another car. OOPS!

It was a carload of guys that looked as stoned as we were, and they started hollerin out the window at us, and I was so high and crackin' up, and then world just seemed full of friendly hippies, and we were waving to them and they were waving back at us and so I motioned to pull over to the side of the road and maybe we could smoke a little peacepipe or somethin' and so we did pull over and I hopped out the car and met this fellow back by the trunk and I had this silly shit-eatin'grin and I stuck out my hand and prepared to hug this fellow human being like maybe we could start up a brand new Summer of Love right there at the Forest Hill exit, but instead of shaking my hand and giving me a big hug and sharing a little weed, the guy said "You stupid motherfucker" and clobbered me one and that was almost 40 years ago but I still think about it a lot.

I remember my buddy that night, who had begged me not to pull over, and who had stayed in the car.
"These guys do not want to party with you. Steve" he had said

You sure enough can't trust nobody.
Or as UF Mike says: "Some people. The only way they're going to understand peace and love is at the broad end of a baseball bat."


SL said...

"....the world just seemed full of friendly hippies" is a one of the best descriptions of that time, that I've heard.

Great story Steve!

Martijn said...

Indeed a great story. Somehow (perhaps by your use of the word peascepipe) I think of this story as a metaphore of the history of the Native Americans.

bulletholes said...

Yes martijn, since you mention it I have to agree. i had forgotten, but the guy that I was riding with begged me not to stop.
"These guys do not want to party with you Steve" he had said.

Anonymous said...

Sweet man.