Thursday, August 04, 2011


Well, it looks like the XMrsBulletholes has talked me into buying a house. She's been trying to do that for some time, and its a smart move except its cares the crap out me because of this economy and my job, you just never know when you are going to walk in and your services will no longer be required.
But I'm going to go ahead and pursue it because it just seems like when I do what women tell me to do everything works out, and I'm tired of living like a temporary person, where I am afraid to make a plan or a commitment and live everyday like its the last day that will be OK, and things can only get worse. Thats what I have faith in all right, is that sooner or later the bag over the head punch in the face is coming, probably on its way right now.
But my daughter she is excited and here is a picture or two of a house she wants me to buy. I like the way they painted a wall green, and then the blades of the fan to match. I wonder who thought of that?

Then in the backyard, it looks like a couple tweakers started doing a little add-on to the porch. Either that, or the Romans were building one of their famous roads through here.


Kim said...

proof that it's not easy being green. both inside and out, I'd say. good luck with your pursuit. you can get some cheap digs right now over here in the colorful southside.

bulletholes said...

Southside is getting to be quite posh!

Kim said...

not the colorful part where I reside. but I do love it.