Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I knew four guys lived in a big house on University Drive. It was right across the street from the college, but these were restaurant guys; bartenders and waiters. It was like a Frat house without the Fraternity. They had a hot tub, redwood deck, lots of blow, a Wet Bar they bought at a garage sale,  GOOD LOOKIN' chicks hangin’ out 24/7; they were like little junior would be Hugh Hefners with porno moustaches and smoking jackets.
It really was a great place to party.
But they kept a continuous loop going of all 4 Supertramp albums, and I just had to let them go.
The only time they stopped playing Supertramp was to put on Loverboy.
Had to let ‘em go.
1979. What a year.

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Kim said...

Breakfast in America is a very fine album.
But I couldn't listen to it over and over.
I think I been to that house though...