Sunday, July 24, 2011


The Doctor finally broke down and gave me a prescription for Testosterone last month.Its supposed to help with my energy level, and it has. It used to be when I went for a walk I would get a hundred yards away and be all wore out. Thats not happening anymore.
And on the package it says that it may increase the frequency and duration of my erections!
I can verify that as well, and would like to go ahead and add that my sperm count seems to be way, way, way up too!
I haven't seen anything like it since i was just a little boy.

The Testosterone comes in a gel, and after I put it on I'm not supposed to touch any girls for like 5 minutes, or else they will turn in to a frog or grow a beard and stuff.

I think this may be my 999th post.


AnitaNH said...

Well, congratulations on your 999th. And your other thing as well!

bulletholes said...

998th it looks like. I learned my lesson a couple weeks ago and did not title this one "Testosterone".
Hi nita!

Kim said...

Watch out girls, here comes Stevie with a ----on! He's back in business.