Monday, September 14, 2015


"For me, it’s never necessarily been a choice, so I think the thing is, it’s really just kind of a breath, like you just kind of have to. And then there is something really exciting about being able to grab what the world gives you and turn it into something. And Fort Worth is a little bit one of those places that’s still starry-eyed, a little magical. Art is still magical around here. You can kind of do things you’re not supposed to. I kind of come from a slightly underground, slightly criminal version of art, with not a lot of money and [an interest] in making big things. A lot of times, instead of being met with apprehension, it’s usually met with a lot of appreciation, so that’s a really nice reason to be here."
Jay Wilkinson

You may recall a friend of mine, Jay Wilkinson, a thriving (starving) young artist here in Fort Worth. I posted about an Art Exhibition, "Bobby on Drums" a while back where he had several pieces. Lets take a look shall we?

This piece is recessed into the wall about two feet and nicely backlit from above. It is about five feet in diameter. I felt lighter just looking at it.

This one is really cool. Jay likes to work with salvaged materials, and I believe it is a satelite dish of some sort. Its big, about eight feet in diameter, and from the picture, you cant quite get the wonderful texture of the white "clouds".

Here, this will give you some sense of scale.

A random portrait, and a mural.

In the middle of the floor was a huge sandworm or whale or something. Made out of scrap lumber.

 There were several of these doorstops, and other various hardware scattered about the skin of the creature.

More of Jay's surrealistic portraits. 

As he said in an earlier interview, he is sometimes commissioned to do portraits like these. I'd like to be able to afford one of me someday.

Jay is an inaugural recipient of ArtSouth, a residency program by Fort Worth South Inc. Here is a link for an interview, and more information about Jay and the Fort Worth Art scene.
Be sure to follow this link to "Bobby On Drums", my previous post with more info about Jay and his art.
Here is the Facebook page for ArtSouth's "Meet Jay Wilkinson".

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