Sunday, September 27, 2015


Whale watching with your daughter who has been crazy about whales her whole life...priceless!
There was a woman on the boat that screamed out "Whoo-hoo" every time a whale breached. Sometimes the whale would breach three times in succession , and she would scream out "Whoo-hoo--Whoo-hoo--Whoo-hoo" right along with them. It didnt take long before I was howling "Aiiiigghheee!" right along with her.
And it wasnt long before the rest of the boat would ROAR after she screamed "Whoo-hoo" and I howled "Aiggghhheee!".
So it was "Whoo-hoo" "Aiiigghheee!" and ROAR! all over Puget Sound.
You could probably hear us all the way to Vancouver.
About halfway through the tour, the Captain came on the speaker.
"I dont know who the screamiing woman is, but I'm sure glad to have her aboard."
Me too. I love my excitable girl!
They ought to PAY HER for going on those boats.
Happy Daughters Day.

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