Tuesday, September 08, 2015


One of the more devastating experiences of my life was the time I trapped a mouse in a glue trap. We had lots of mice, and the plan was to trap them, and let them go in the field next door. It was a good plan, until I tried to get the mouse off the glue trap. It was horrible. It can be done, but not without effectively skinning the mouse. He will come screaming off the trap, but his skin will stay on. However, the screaming isn’t the worst part. The worst part are his terrified little black eyes looking up at you, begging you to stop and to just hit him with a sledge hammer and get it over with.

But I’ve just read the most interesting thing! It seems that the makers of these traps warn against using peanut butter as bait for the trap, because peanut butter negates the sticking effect of the glue. Further research reveals that if your pet gets caught in a glue trap, the application of peanut butter will dissolve the glue, leaving a peanut buttery pet, but one that can be groomed.

Even so, I'm very glad not to have mice anymore.

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