Thursday, September 24, 2015


I was thinking of this a few days ago while I noticed all the anti Muslim stuff on FB. 

There are 5 million Muslims here in the USA. 
If 1% want to kill us that makes 50,000 out to get us. 
If 1% of those are actually going to do something, that makes 5000 of them out there working up a plan. 
Some of them have been here a long time, since before 9/11/2001. 
If 1 of 100 of those (that would be 50, or .00001%) that are completely radicalized (insane), seems like that should register as an attack from a crazed Muslim attack team of 4 at least once a month. 
So where the hell are all these Muslims I am supposed to be so worried about?

The last attack I remember was two males that drove to Garland from Phoenix only to get blown away in the parking lot at an anti-Muslim Art Show. That was five months ago, right?** 
I’m more worried about the guy that lives next door. He probably wont attack. I just hope he doesn’t get any uglier. 
I’m more worried about the disenfranchised, never-squeezed-a-titty-kid with bad acne and a blister on his thumb from all the video games he plays. 
I’m not naive. One of these days they may get one right. 
One day, God forbid and despite our best efforts, we may see another 9/11. But we’ve been saying that ever since 9/11, right? I think we are past the “I told you so” point. 
So I have to ask again…where are all these Muslims I am supposed to be so worried about?

Last night I was shopping at Dillards. There were three women in Burkas. Real pretty Burkas too, all blue, yellow, white and purple. One had multi-colored tights. I couldn't see their faces, just their eyes. I made eye contact with one, and smiled, and even though I couldn't see her mouth, by her eyes I could tell she was smiling back. Imagine my relief when none of them blew up. 

I did a post earlier this year about the Boston Marathon bombers, and what Phillip Mudd had to say about them with a link to a Charlie Rose interview... I hear a lot of people all worried about this next batch of refugees coming in from war torn Syria. I say let them in. We have plenty of room.

Last year it was reports of ISIL coming across the border with Central American refugees. They were finding prayer rugs and Qurans behind every bush all along the Rio Grande. I even saw a video Allen West put out that purportedly showed a dozen ISIS Jihadist's coming ashore in a landing craft somewhere near San Diego.
What has come of all that?
I tell you what has come of all that.
They arrested a dark skinned Muslim kid unlucky enough to be named Mohammed last week in Irving Texas for bringing in a homemade clock project of some sort, thinking it might be a bomb. After determining it wasn’t a real bomb, they arrested him for bringing a “hoax bomb” to school.
Get a grip, Irving.
Now he is leaving America, going somewhere he thinks he wont be judged by his name or the color of his skin. I’m embarrassed by that, and I’m embarrassed by folks that say “Good riddance”. 
Anyway, good luck with that kid. 
And get a grip, assholes.

Two months later, random thought:
*I'm all for the new legislation. I hope the president doesn’t veto it. Maybe then the FBI director will get off his ass, get a team together, and stop whining about how impossible it is.


Grizzbabe said...

Well done!

Bulletholes said...

Thanks grizz! The first paragraph of this was a FB comment I left that got me immediately defriended. I figured I was on to something, and pounded out the rest. Between Muslims and Race it seems like a lote of hate floating around these days.