Friday, May 13, 2016


I had a huge party planned for my 21st birthday. Living in the Brown Trail apartments with Kem Keeton, I expected about 100 people. Never mind the logistics of getting 100 people into a two bedroom apartment.
At 7:00, there were probably 30 people there. The kitchen, dining room and living room were packed, and now the stairway was filling up.
Herschel and John came to me. We needed to make a beer run they said.
“I don’t want to go on a beer run!” I said. “I got chicks coming to this party, I plan to be here when they arrive.”
I’m not sure what my plan was for all these “chicks”, I just knew I didn’t want to miss anything.
But they were persistent, and talked me into going on their stupid “beer run”.
The beer run took us all the way to Majestic Liquors, way over on Randall Mill and 820. We bought the beer, got back in the car. I was eager to get back home, all those “chicks”, ya know?
But once underway, all of a sudden John wants to go to his house for a “Pot Run”. His house is way over in Richland Hills.
I’m livid.
“We got enough pot back home to invade Amsterdam. Take me home. I got “Chicks” coming over” I said.
It didn’t matter. My best friends were being un-cooperative, and 30 minutes later, with no “chicks” anywhere around that I could see, we were in front of Johns house. It was starting to get dark. I’d been away from MY PARTY for an hour and a half, and I had visions of all the “chicks” there were being scooped up by all my horn-dog  friends.
On my Birthday!
The nerve of those guys.

We were in front of Johns house, but no way was I getting out of the car.
“You just run in John, get yer shit, and run back out and get me back to my party!”
“No, you have to come in” John says. “I have a present for you.”
“No way’ I said “bring the present out with you. I’m not getting sucked into some black hole that is your house. I got chicks waiting for me.”

Well, the next thing I know, they have physically removed me from the car.
Now I’m stamping my feet in Johns front yard, having a tantrum, and all I can think to say, over and over  is “Take me home. I got chicks.”
Finally, Herschel grabs me by the shoulders, says “Look down the street. See all these cars? Where do you think all these cars came from.”
I look down the street. As far as I can see, there are cars parked, asshole to elbow, looking both ways.
It is a bit unusual.
“That’s weird. What ARE all these cars doing here?” I said.

Herschel shakes his head. “Happy Birthday asshole. If you will just come inside, we moved your party to Johns house. There was no room at your apartment. There are all sorts of chicks in there, waiting just for you. So do you want to come inside, or do you want us to take you back home now?”

I wish my friends Cyndy and Kathy were here to read this post.
They both passed the last two years, and Cynthia was always delighted whenever I would thank Kathy for the wonderful present she gave me for my 21st Birthday.


SL said...

Great story! Happy Birthday Bullets!

AnitaNH said...

Hey Steve,
a belated happy birthday to you!!

bulletholes said...

I think you may heave been there SL.
Hi Nita! Good to see you again!