Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I see where people are complaining about a general feeling of entitlement running through the country, and blaming it on the particiption trophies that kids generally get when they go out for Baseball, Soccer, Pee-Wee football, ect.
Yeah, like participation trophies are suddenly ruining the country. I still have mine from 1970, where I shot a 121 in the Church Youth Golf Tournament. It really has very little to do with any of my current list of character defects.
See, thats the thing. I didnt tell the whole story. The next year I didnt get a participation trophy. I won the tournament. Shaved 36 strokes off my 121 and shot an 85. Sure I'd gotten better but mostly... I CHEATED MY ASS OFF.
Thats whats wrong with the country.
True story. The guy I beat shot an 87. He cheated his ass off too.
Just not enough.
So it ends up the Medalist trophy is worth exactly what we put into it.
So I kept the participation trophy, and gave the worthless Medalist trophy to the guy that shot an 87 a few years ago, and we had a good laugh, confessing our sins. He cheated too, but he went on and got a golf scholarship. He was good, a natural. In fact I'd taken him golfing the first time out in the 8th grade and he hit a hole in one on the 11th hole.
That first place trophy isn't worth a shit, but the story is priceless.

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