Thursday, May 19, 2016


Bought ticket for an event at the bequest of one girl.
She chickened out.
I asked two others.
They were otherwise engaged.
I asked another (#1) who said “Have you asked my friend (#2) if she and her son would like to go?”.
Apparently, she would like a chaperone, yes?
So I contacted #2; she seemed to be open to the idea.
So quickly, I bought two more tickets, only to have #1 say “I hate to be a fuddy-duudy, but, a rain check?”
So I ask #2 if she is still in. I'm wondering did #1 just shuttle me over to #1? Like maybe I asked the wrong one to start with?
#2 says “I told #1 it’s a bad time for me”
Well, guess what sister?
It’s a bad time for me too.
Now I got 4 tickets and I’m down to calling old lovers from 15 years ago, and two girls with boyfriends and saying:
“I need a date. Pays 20 bucks.”

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