Thursday, December 21, 2006


I have worked on a post concerning the show ‘Hells Kitchen” but it never comes out right as I end up ranting even more maniacally than the jerk on the show. Instead I willl share with you a little story of how low key it can be when a real Chef cuts your nuts off.
I have to wonder if my freind 'ol lady knows Gaspar.
I was working for a Hungarian named Gaspar. I swear this man was part Vampire as you always felt a little bloodless after he got through with you. I was P.M. Sous Chef, which means you are accountable for everything while being responsible for nothing in particular.
I had decided I had had enough of Gaspar and a major Hotel chain that I had given Blood Sweat and Tears to for 10 years.
I marched myself into Gaspars office. He was there, it seemed, 20 hours a day, and this is what I said;
“I would like to give you, Sir, my two weeks notice. Of course, if you would like to shoot me on out of here right now, well, that would be jst fine with me.”
There were two things that I hoped for when I went in there... one was the notion that I could somehow rattle this cold blooded creature, and the other which was more important, that he send me on home today... I really had had enough.
Gaspar never even looked up. He set down his pen, slowly stirred his coffee, raised it to his lips and before he took a sip, I could see the smile begin to form on his lips. With the cup still inches from his lips he finally looks at me over the top of his glasses and says;
“No, no, Steve, I will accept your two weeks notice and you can work it on out.”
So much for going home today. Then he says
“On your last day we will all have Champagne, no?

See, you don’t need to raise your voice or throw food or even threaten physical injury to cut a guys heart out. I will never forget that one, I tell you what.

I have been slow posting lately and will continue to be until after Christmas, probably after New Years, when I hope that I will be moving my account to a home based operation and avoid the fate of the many unemployed whose work related hits were far outnumbered by non- work related hits.


Dave said...

Probably is prudent to lay low until your home rig is up and running...

I got some use out of the champaign line a month or so ago when our unit manager announced that he was leaving to take a plant manager job in Canada. I hope he's doing well there.


Old Lady said...

Ooo! No I didn't know him, I knew others just as bad! Yes, it is much better to produce your blog at home, which is what I do. Where I work is so off the wall that I help bosses with paying bills and accessing their school work.

Barbara said...

So did you share champagne on the last day? I hope it was good stuff!

Mother of Invention said...

Did this happen a long time ago? I hope you are much happier for doing that. Do you mean you have been blogging at work and are now going to blog from home? (I'm slow lately!)

Thanks for the funny comment on my blog! You crack me up sometimes!

GrizzBabe said...

You're right, he is part vampire!

steve said...

His assistant told me later that I had rattled the Old Man as little bit... but you would never have known it...My last day I never saw the guy and there was no Champagne... i would love to see him someday... butter would not melt in this guys mouth.
MOI-It was november of '89 I think...
ol' lady- gaspar became notorius for "falling off the wagon" during the super Bowl preparations in New orleans one year later.
Gaspar was the opening Chef for "The Windows of the World" at the top of the Trade Center when they opened in the early '70's...he was a World Class Chef.