Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sometime in early December of 2000 (OK, it was the 8th) I met Lily. I was completly smitten right away, and as things go with me there were a few obstacles that might prevent her from feeling the same way.
Namely, a husband (she was separated) and a Boyfriend.
But my love, it was strong and I was undaunted.
At some point in the 4 month period that I did everything short of stalk her, I had this dream.
I was walking with Lily through the Park. We came to a blanket laid out in a meadow. There were Strawberries and Champagne and it was getting to be close to sunset. And while Lilly had told me she had a Date later that night, we had time to sit on the blanket, eating Strawberries and drinking Champagne.
“Would you like a footrub?” I ventured.
“That would be the Bomb” says Lily. (I never did get used to that expression)
So off come the shoes and I begin to rub her feet. I’m Lovin it. And I am hoping she is too. It is absolute serendipity, a divine gift to stumble onto this blanket and Amenities that may have fallen from heaven.
“Feels good?” says I.
“Feels good” says she, “But what we need is some lotion”
As if by Magic a bottle of lotion appears in my hand.
“And some pillows” requests Lily. And the pillows materialize under her head.
So as I am rubbing the lotion onto her feet we gaze into each others eyes. Deeply. And though it has been a while since I have seen this look, I can tell that it is time for me to kiss Lily. Our faces draw closer, our lips part, never breaking the deepness of our gazing. Only an inch from the blissful union, my eyes unlock from hers just enough to notice that there is a very small piece of dirt on her upper lip. I look back to her eyes, then back to the dirt. I reach with my hand to brush the speck away.
OH NO!!! Now there is a HUGE GLOP of Lotion where the dirt had been.
I look back into her eyes. The look of anticipation that had been in her eyes a moment before has been replaced by confusion. The look of desire that had been in my eyes is replaced by...
I cannot kiss her with that big glop of lotion on her lip and so far all I have done is make things worse. It demands an explanation. So with the look of real heartfelt sorrow. I look deeply into Lily’s eyes and with a pained voice tell her
I woke up, Howling with laughter!
Other peoples dreams rarely come across well and so much of a dream gets lost in translation.
We really take things far too seriously most of the time. Sometime in early April... (OK, it was the 2nd) Lily did finally come to knock on my door


red-dirt-girl said...

I believe this is why we say "Sweet Dreams" every night........and full of laughter too!!! what a delight to laugh in our sleep........


Barbara said...

This is an interesting dream in light of one I had last night. I was in the kitchen with my husband and my best (girl)friend (no explanation for why the 3 of us were there in the early morning). I was kissing everyone goodbye as I headed out to work, but realized I couldn't kiss her because she had a white stiff mask on her face, meant to keep her pores tight she said. Now why in the world do we dream such things?

But more importantly, whatever happened to Lily?

Mother of Invention said...

Dreams are bizarre sometimes but they also have some significance. The speck of dirt and glob of lotion = obstacles = husband and boyfriend?

She came knocking in real life? And...!! You are the Master of The Cliffhanger!

steve said...

My dreams have beginnings, middles and ends. I have learned to do a pretty good job of remembering them. The ex-mrs Bulletholes says I used to wake her up laughing in my sleep.
I actually have a date with Lily in 10 days 2 hours and 22 minutes.
I'm going to go for 1st Base.
Hey Lily...How 'bout it?

Annelisa said...

:-D Yowser! Is first base the foot rub, the kiss or.... the whole round?

What a strange dream. But how great is that, to wake up laughing! Was it, by any chance, manic laughter???

Thanks for visiting me over at mine... Now, because I'm thinking 'manic', that leads me into what I was coming over to do... which is tag you! Madd tagged me, and I finally finished in the early hours of this morning... Come and see the latest post to find out about it! :-D
I look forward to seeing how mad you can really be!

red-dirt-girl said...

Lily=lucky lady......better wash that blanket Steve and find the freshest, sweetest strawberries that you can......i personally like them dipped in chocolate.....but most of all: have fun!! and good luck cowboy!


steve said...

Me, Wierd? We shall see...
1st Base is Kissing... tell me Annelisa, what is a 'Sticky Wicket"?

Kim said...

Years have passed since you wrote this. I wonder what did happen to Lily. Was she before or after the trailer? Was the the chase and the dream better than what happened that April so long ago?

bulletholes said...

Lily was/is a disaster Kim. I get calls from her time to time. There is always a drama, an emergency, a situation she needs to run from and lie about.