Friday, April 13, 2007


Medusa was one of 3 sisters. She had Snakes for hair, a double-ugly scowl permanently stuck to her face and turned men to stone were they to see her. She had a nasty disposition and was a terror of the underworld. In the 3rd grade I was so fascinated with her that I did a report om her and had a meeting with my Principal to discuss her. Later in life I would have other meetings with other Principals, but this is not about me.
Here in Oz we have the Anti-Medusa. She has shiny Green Hair, the flashiest laser beam smile in the Universe and I can feel the laughter and warmth coming past the satellite or through the fibers or whatever it is that the Internet is. she turns me into a gallon of Butter Double Nut Crunch Ice Cream.

Somewhere over the Rainbow and in another Galaxy, there are little Green Haired men trying to build a Rocketship just to come to Earth to see Annelisa. They are working day and night.
Their doctors and Dentists have charts and full color glossies using her as a guide. Did I mention her smile yet?
Their Religious Leaders argue and write great volumes over whether she be a Deity or merely the most High, for she is Graced with Gods Bounty.
And the Scientists just keep working on that Rocketship. Night and Day.
Their whole Culture is based on either finding her or being more like her in every way.
She enters Forests that become enchanted upon her arrival. I would wager that were she to walk through Saint Annes Court, or Soho, or even Doncaster that the Enchantment meter would Red Line.
Did I mention her smile?
Now you may have heard of Blogathons and Carnivals and such, but her site is pure Picadilly 3 Rings Circus every day. And like so many of you kind ladies, she responds at length to each and every comment she receives, even mine, bringing a quick familiarity to fast friends all over the World. I imagine her to be able to type 1000 words a minute, even underwater.

The Trees spruce and leaf
The hills roll for her.
The dales dole for her and
The moles they mole for her.
The Swans hey-ho-bonny-o for her.
(pleas'do follow the link for she is the Harp playing alone)
The chipmunks genuflect for her
The clouds of the sky billow and sail for her
And Sparrow takes to his wing.
Some where a Rocketship flames for her.
Did I mention her smile?

Oh how I would love to be a frog in her Garden. I would imagine along the trails she enchants, the frogs are fairly lined up, fascinated, dreaming of being smacked by her.
Better keep a sharp eye, Girl!


GEWELS said...

You are too adorable. You're right, her smile is something to behold.
I did see where she put her profile photo back up just for you.
She just might be as smitten with you - oh Master of prose- as you are with her.

steve said...

God forbid I should try to write something mushy-gushy huh?

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve -

this is just perfect - no editing needed my friend.....I'm in love with her by just reading your post......well, I've always loved my Annelisa girlfriend....a sister to me over the Atlantic...always grabbing my hand over those stormy waters.

She was my first girlfriend here in the blogosphere....and well, that and just the essence of her makes her special in my book. If I were on my deathbed, it would be Annelisa's hand I would want to hold as I leave....and boy she does have a wicked good smile....beastly as my kids would say (I believe that means awesomely cool.....)

You did her proud, cowboy.....Now THAT is how to ride 'em........!!


Anonymous said...

oh and did I mention that she always, ALWAYS leaves goodies out for me on her blog: a bowl of milk, fish on a platter, chocie cake and a warm fire to curl up next to ???? Girlfriend AE, KNOWS how to take care of her kitty cat friend........much love to ya' girl!


steve said...

I missed out on Chocolate Cake? Shit.

Mother of Invention said...

Ah! You outdid yourself on this post, Steve and every bit of it true! She's a true-blue gal. One of the first nice things she did for me was put up a Peace Globe for me at her blog because I couldn't figure out how to do it (still can't!) Then she did that video and my song on YOU-Tube that she stayed up AL night to do. Yikes! You couldn't ask for a more loyal friend...and blogger friend at that!

I love your description of her and your style of writing this one ! Hey, AL's hair is probably long again by now!!!

Post a recent pic, AL!!

steve said...

Mom- ain't she a Peach? Always there with a helping hand and encouraging word.

Annelisa said...


*blushing to the roots of my glittery-green hair*

Oh, Steve... what can I say? ((((hugs!)))) and (((more hugs)))

I'm (almost) speechless...

Thankyou, my friend. I'm now all gooey and glowing...and also a bit giggly at the thought of those little green-haired men trying to build the rocketship! :-)

I'm moved. I'm touched. And if I could reach over and give you a big smackeroonie on the lips right now, I would :-) mwah!

Annelisa said...

Mmmmm you taste of Butter Double Nut Crunch Icecream!!

Annelisa said...

Oh, and RDKitty and MOI... that's what friends are for... and it's gone both ways! You're brill!

Old Lady said...

Steve has a harem that rivals the sheiks from days of old!