Tuesday, April 03, 2007



So if this were Oz, and it kinda is, then Grizzbabe would be Glenda the Good Witch of the North who floated in inside a bubble and advised me to follow the Yellow Brick Road. We exchanged a few E-_mails and she was kind enough to support some fairly lengthy ones where I directly "Blogged" her. From there she went further by sending me EMails about a comment I had left somewhere and saying it was further reason I needed to blog. Too kind.

The three companions I would first take on would be Barbara, Ol Lady and Mother of Invention. I distincly remember the comments left by all three from the old abandoned blog and the posts they had done that compelled me to leave comments, if not on that particular post, on a subsequent one.

Barbara has to be the most Spiritual and loving of us all and it shows through in the softheartedness of her posts. Her post that made a huge impression on me was one where she and a group of ladies were preparing to go into some kind of 'Water Ritual" and Barbara was explaining how the act of cleaning before you go in was directly related to the cleansing effect of the ritual itself. Very wise. I think she brings the Qualities of Scarecrow Tin man and Lion all together, and I think I love her most of all. Her heart is huge.

Ol' lady has the most in common with me...she and I would have a blast with a conveyor Dishwasher and a party of 1000 to serve and clean up for. Rack em' and stack em' baby. She is hard working, tough, not scared of nothin', with a cream filled middle. Did I mention she can be crazy whenever she wants to be? The first post I remember reading from her was about a Van full of party goers in Lawn Chairs that would wobble like weebles whenever they took a turn but they didn't fall down. I think it was 714's that had started the evening and I couldn't help but think I might have been invoved in that somehow. But the Ol'lady has a way remembering that jogs my own. She is like a Country road with stories on both sides and down the middle and in the ruts. Her ancestral wisdom has been passed down like seed corn. She, like myself has led a very interesting life. Certainly she is the Scarecrow and Lion all in one. There are a lot of people that love the Old Lady.

Of course Mother of Invention is hopelessly the sweetest thing in Oz, probably Kansas too, because she combines The Woodsman with Auntie Em rather well, doncha think? Her heart is huge and it doesnt take more than a parargraph of hers to find this. The goodwill and compassion pours, "Spills out" from her site.I don't recall as well the first posts of hers that attracted me so much, but they are all flavored Red and served in Heart-Shaped cups. If ever she has had a cloudy day, we would hard catch but a hint of it. I can also see her as the Wizard, ruling Oz with a Mothers-loving touch and Music nightly in the Atrium of the Emerald City. Her heart is every bit as big as Barbaras.

Between these three I think I better understand what the Wizard told the Tin Man about the heart. He said "The size of a Human Heart is not judged by how much it loves, but how much it is loved by others." I was never sure how I felt about this before, but these three ladies have made my poor Munchkin heart feel much bigger.


Dave said...

Boy! I never would have guessed that you would be writing about late 19th century U.S. monetary policy today. That's interesting!

Nice post!


Barbara said...

Pitter patter. Made my day! You are way too kind, Steve. I'm ready to go to Oz. When do we leave?

steve said...

Barbara...were already there!

Mother of Invention said...

Aw, shucks and sheesh! (Sheeeuucks!) I'm honoured by your words and hope that I really do live up to your high praise.

You really have sized up all 3 of us the way I see us too!

Barbara is an interesting and dynamic person and I can't get over how she blogs every single day without fail! I can hardly keep up with comments!
She and David are so active and hep..so involved with others and very hospitable when they have all these dinners at their place. I love the recent stories about the 91 year-old lady!

Old Lady is in a category of her own in many ways, although you would fit there too! I can see that you would have been grand friends had you known each other. She's sometimes wild and entertaing, having lived on the edge, and other times she just touches the soul in the right tender spot. I love when she called you a "Big Pooh Bear"!
That's how I see you too, as well as a sort of big kid. I can relate since in many ways, I haven't grown up yet either. I'm still in my summer camp mode!

It is pretty amazing how our "real" personalities" are reflected in our posts. I'm kind of a "Grab Bag" of some different things. I do have fun with the comments!
Mother of Invention was a group/band in the 70's although I forget what they did...I just liked the name!

Thanks, Steve. Like the parallels in today's. You're a real gem! (Ha! Does mean you're uncultured as in a real pearl? HA!)
Rock on!

GEWELS said...

That is just about the sweetest post- Steve! you big ole' softie.

David said...

Steve - this post blew me away. Very together and so perceptive. I second all you said about the bloggers mentioned.

Mother of Invention said...

"If I only had a brain!"

(Mother of Invention was a rock and roll group ('64-75) who backed up Frank Zappa...at one time, a babe named, Ruth was in it!
The saying, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" actually = Originality, which is more like me than Zappa!)

Old Lady said...


(Get away from me little doggie!! Hey bring that curtain back here! Hey! Hey!)

Ahem, sheesh.

kissyface said...

that's about the sweetest thing ever.

GrizzBabe said...

Oooh, I like Glenda the Good Witch! I've always thought that I'd look good in a crown and big pouffy sleeves.

steve said...

These 4 ladies mean a great deal to me sight unseen. I asid I love Barbara best, but I love em all.

Mother of Invention said...

Sounds like The Smothers Brothers! "Mom always liked you (or me?) best!" (Was that it?)