Friday, April 27, 2007

I'M NOT BACK (doo-dah)

I see a lot of my old customers at the Subway; its almost like Homecoming. They walk in the door and see me and wave their arms and the look on their faces is one part shock and two parts hilarity and they laugh and say "Are you back?" to which I reply 'I'm not back" and we all laugh and the show begins.
Its a "really big show tonight, folks, really big".

Last night there were two little girls that remember me and how I wore the antlers from December 5th all the way through Christmas that year. They are grown-up now to where they don't have kids meals anymore, and they are as proud of that as their parents, Jim and Sophie, are relieved.
The show is for them especially.

And the lady that comes in three times a week for a 'Crazy Turkey Sandwich" who couldn't believe I remembered everything that goes on it and how sick she was with the flu that year, almost to weak to get out the door.

And Morris, the 'Rock Star" that looks like "Jim Dandy to the Rescue" from Black Oak Arkansas.
And the man that I didn't recognise at all but as he left, he grinned at me real big, handed me a dollar and said "You gave me too much change again" because that's what I used to do a lot.
A big show.

Then there was the brother last night, wearing his fatigues and a "Camp Fallujah" cap, back from his second tour, who ate for free, because "Soldiers don't pay when I'm around".
I added, in a choked voice that I hoped everyone would be home soon; I can't describe the look on his face.
Its a "REEEALLLY B-B-BIG SHOW" over there.

But my absolute favorite is the Massage Therapist who brings in Hot Babes dressed in little Black Numbers from his Acting Class.
His name is Steve Cartiledge!
Can you believe it?

Barbara, one night here the dance instructors from down the street will be in...I know they been missin' me, Big-Time!


Mother of Invention said...

Aw man! I want to get a job there so I can hack around with you and have fun wearing antlers at Christmas!

I love that you didn't charge the soldier.

steve said...

Free food for soldiers....Bring 'em on!

GEWELS said...

Steve Cartiledge- HAHA, I love it!!

My mother's doctor in the hospital was Dr. Buttliff- too bad he wasn't a plastic surgeon.

I cannot wait to hear about the goofy guy dancing on the tabletops at the local Subway!!

Old Lady said...

Oh Lord, the bar I used to work in isn't even there any more!