Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am but a lowly contractor for a very large company. I am a Kelly Girl and I am the best Kelly Girl ever.
I tell them so.
I stop by on my Bicycle to the Kelly Office at least twice a month to tell them so. And since I make more than they do they are obliged to listen to me.
The company I contract with is having their Awards Banquet in Annapolis this month.
They were taking nominations for awards last month and I was not sure if I was allowed to make a fact it would not let me onto the Website to do so; in the hopes that I was in flagrant violation of at least 1 mindless Policy and in my usual no-apologies style I wrote a 1500 word e-mail to the Bosses Bosses Boss nominating the lady I work for/with. She is really something and I lovingly refer to her as the “Queen Bitch of the Universe” a nickname she loves, truly deserves, and her husband has adopted.
That poor Bastard.

Anyway, the Bosses Bosses Boss cleared the way for me to formally submit my Nomination and she was listed along with the other 300 Nominees for an Award.
Last week we got the e-Mail where the Nominees had been trimmed down to a Final Five and guess what?

She travels to Annapolis later this Month to attend the Banquet, having made

The Final Five.

I am so proud of her I could burst.
I keep thinkin' about Emilio and I got this feelin' my girl is gonna win.
Won't that be sumpthin'?


GEWELS said...

Wow, that would be "sumpthin"

Steve- the Champion!- once again.

GrizzBabe said...

Okay, could you write a letter to my boss telling him why he should give me a huge raise?

Old Lady said...

I am with Grizzbabe. Anyone you get a bead on doesn't have a chance of loosing.

Mother of Invention said...

What a great supportive colleague you are! I wish I'd have taught with someone like you....we'd be partners in crime dressing up as crazy characters and doing neat stuff around the school!