Tuesday, April 10, 2007


"no mere mortal can resist the evil of the thriller"

The Christmas Holiday of my 9th Grade year, under the guise of ‘Christamas Caroling” I met up with several Neighborhood friends. After regaling the first house with a rousing rendition of “Where Shepherds Lay” we paired up and headed for the fields and bushes for the purpose of ‘making –out”.
Up to that point I did not know who Rhonda was, but there is a certain ‘growing closer” that can be experienced by the simple act of a very wet kiss. We grew very close that night. Wanting to grow closer still we ‘Caroled” nightly in the trusty woods, all the way to New Years Eve.
It was all so simple then.
For the next year and half, Rhonda was my girl. She had curly hair and a very cute ‘Button’ (word of the Week?) nose and when she said “R-Ruff’ it drove me wild. We had Purple Pants and Green Felt shoes with stars on them that matched and of course there were the Captain America shirts we wore with this get up always on the same day. Oh God.
Our shoes always matched.

We used to go to “Skateland” on Friday nights. The music of the day was “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke”, ’My Sweet Lord” “American Pie” and “Rockin’ Robin”. ‘Rockin’ Robin “ was one of my favorites by Michael Jackson.
So simple then.
As we skated, we danced, and on the ‘Couples Skate” we got to hold hands and they would play something slow like “Nights in White Satin” or "Killing Me Softly"and Rhonda and I would gaze into each others eyes. Then, "All Skate" and the lights would come back on and they would crank it back up with ‘Bad Moon Risin’”.

It was all so prophetic, and Rhonda moved to Phoenix. Five years later, a married Rhonda came to town for her friends Wedding and we went to dinner. We could have taken up where we left off. R-R-Ruff.

During my Senior Year, love found me again by way of “Susie the Slut”. We were Engaged for a time, but she had sense enough to break it off before we made a really big mistake.
I will explain her nickname in another post because this post is about (was supposed to be about) the Movie we went to see. It was called “The Wiz” and it was the Soul Version of the “Wizard of Oz”. Playing the Scarecrow was none other than little Michael Jackson.
Now we all knew that Michael could dance from his "ABC" and “Rockin’ Robin” days, but the exhibition he put on in this Movie was unbelievable. It was but a warm up for Michael, just a precursor of what he would do in the next 10 years.
So where is this really going?
The music for Barbaras Party of course. I would suggest for her Party that she needs to have one of the best selling albums ever...its not something I sit around and listen to, but it is great for Dancin'! I remember watching The Boys from the Crystal Crotchless dance to this stuff. It took me a while to find the genius in it.
Michael Jacksons “Thriller”.
Vincent Price doin' the Rap part:
"And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell"

Pretty scary, huh?

I will also nominate what I think is the best Live album ever done and mandatory boogie for the crowd I party with.
Littlefeat’s “Waiting for Columbus”...from start to finish this album rocks with its slow southern syncopated style. With “Tower of Power” providing horns and Lowell George still at large, from ‘Fat Man in the Bathtub” to "Rocket in my Pocket" to “Willin'’’ this album gets me movin’ every time.

Gewels said that 'Dixie Chicken" stayed with her all day long last week.

"Many years since she ran away,

yes that guitar player shore could play

she always liked to sing along

she always ended with a Song"


Barbara said...

I will pass this wonderful suggestion along to the one who is in charge of the music -- Big D himself. Hopefully it will be a drunk and dancin' evening!

GEWELS said...

I remember one Halloween night, many years ago, waiting for the premier of Michael Jackson's Thriller video. It was fabulous. And I loved Vincent Price's deep sinister voice.
Little Feat? I managed to see them twice this year.Pretty cool. Steve, wanna go out on a date? I'll take you to see them again. It'll be a blast!

steve said...

Barbara- I know you guys don't need any help with this party, it just gives me an excuse to write about music and stuff...
David is a great Maestro of the party music I'm sure. Love you guys!
Gewels- Someday I'm going to get up to your part of the Country and what a date it will be! So you've seen em twice this year..I haven't seen littlefeat since about 1995 or so but they are one of my all time favs...so we'll go to the show, a spin in the Jag, and then you can give me a refresher on Fly Fishing...I'll bet you look great in those Hip Boots!

Mother of Invention said...

Yep, you're takin' us oldies way back! Michael Jackson deveolped his amazing talent to be a real "Thriller" for sure! He's a little weird but very talented. I always liked "Heal The World", and "Ebony and Ivory", although his face now looks more like "Ivory X 2"!
Tower of Power! Haven't thought of them for a long time!

The album that is great to dance and rock on to that I love is "The Commitments" #1! So funky!
#2 is pretty good too. If you haven't seen the movie, you gotta!!! Earth Wind and Fire is a fav. group to dance and sing with too. (Shining Star...?? can't remember the others' names)
Beach Boys were a classic too in my college days!

Can't wait to find out about Suzie! Do you ever get updates on Rhonda?

Mother of Invention said...

Who did, "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man"? That was great to dance to!

steve said...

"Thats the Way of the World" by EWF is a great album.
Bob Seger System did "Ramblin Gamblin man" in the sixties and it took 8 years to become a hit!

"Yeah, I'm gonna tell my tale come on,
Come on, give a listen

Cause I was born lonely down by the riverside
Learned to spin fortune wheels, and throw dice
And I was just thirteen when I had to leave home
Knew I couldn't stick around, I had to roam
Ain't good looking, but you know I ain't shy
Ain't afraid to look it girl, hear me out
So if you need some lovin, and you need it right away
Take a little time out, and maybe I'll stay

Good stuff.

GEWELS said...

oooh! Can't wait. It'll be unforgettable.

Water Baby said...

I watched Free Willy yesterday, it had the music video of Micheal Jackson "Feeling" the music the whales dance to... it was kind of creepy... but cool