Friday, April 27, 2007


Gewels and me are goin' on a date maybe someday!
I sure am hopin' so.
I have been wanting to do a post so that I can maybe say
'Welcome to the Family, Gewels"
but I thought I didn't know her well enough.
I thought I might maybe put her and another sister (who cannot be with us presently) together somewhere in Oz. i just don't have that formed in my mind yet and I wanted to recognize Gewels now regardless of what I don't know.
We all like her.
What else can one say?
Is there any other material maybe relevant here?
I know that she's had rough go the last several months and currently qualifies her as what Dylan called one of "these battered brothers and sisters of mine" on an album subtitled 'Songs of Redemption".
ActuallyI just looked and that phrase must maybe come from elsewhere.
Can't say where. Don't recall.
Could maybe be anywhere.
I took a fast liking to her straightforward sly sense of humor (she likes to try to bust my chops) and am finding her kind and soft words spread throughout my own newfound blog family. She seems to take to Tropical climes and brings home nice pictures from picturesque places.
I wan't her to know that for every maybe there is another maybe.
Maybe's are inevitable.
And, she has nice toes.
Based on that, I give you Gewels, and a "Song of Redemption" from 'Desire".

I like to spend some time in Mozambique
The sunny sky is aqua blue
And all the couples dancing cheek to cheek
It's very nice to stay a week or two
And maybe fall in love just me and you.

There's a lot of pretty girls in Mozambique
And plenty time for good romance
And everybody likes to stop and speak
To give the special one you seek a chance
Or maybe say hello with just a glance.

Lying next to her by the ocean
Reaching out and touching her hand
Whispering your secret emotion
Magic in a magical land.

And when it's time for leaving Mozambique
To say goodbye to sand and sea
You turn around to take a final peek
And you see why it's so unique to be
Among the lovely people living free
Upon the beach of sunny Mozambique



GEWELS said...

Awwww!!! Steve!!!
I do believe my heart grew three sizes today.

What a lovely honor you have bestowed upon me.
Thank you for welcoming me into the family- I am overcome with happiness to be a member of it.

As far as Oz goes I do see us lying in the poppy field gazing at Emerald City as we drift off to slumber. She and I are both flower-loving earthy girls.
(BTW- love where you placed Anon- amongst the shy munchkins- perfect)

Thank you for the maybe's. Life is full of maybe's- what an exciting proposition.

Ah, Mozambique- I can already hear the crash of the ocean and smell the sweet, heady fragrance of the tropical flowers wafting in on the freshly painted toes snuggling down in the warm sand.

You are too kind my friend. Anticipating one hell of a date.

You da best, cowboy!

Mother of Invention said...

I'm glad you've brought Gewels into the fold here at OZ...or is that OOOZ?!!! Well, this place is oozing with all kinds of neat people. If we all got together, what a time we would have! Music of all kinds, wild and wonderful stories and amazing poetry! Interesting shoes and clothes too, I imagine!

Have a great time on your date! And well, I am a mom of sorts, so you both shall turn into pumpkins at mid-night curfew!!!

Quack, Quack! said...

Neat tune .... I like the rhyme "stop and speak in Mozambique"
It's as good as "drinkin' coffee in Chilocothe" or "who put the cow in Cowifornia"
Quack, Quack!

Barbara said...

I just recently met Gewels and included her in my Blog family, although I think I had seen glimpses of her for a few months. She's definitely one of us -- the group that sits on the other side of 40 and knows the music we talk about from way back when (before most of today's Bloggers were born).

Steve, I would like to put you in a musical trivia test with my husband, who knows just about everything ever written. You two would hit it off famously.

kissyface said...

I love love love Dylan, as I'm sure you know, but I love love love him even more with Miss Emmylou Harris singing backup on that song (and One More Cuo of Coffee, and Joey). She's the Queen of the Silver Dollar, she's My Blue Kentucky Girl, I was weaned on Pieces of the Sky and saw her live when I was fifteen, and I've never cut the apron strings. And, she just gets more beautiful the more she ages.

steve said...

Gewels- on our date when we go for a ride in your Jag, will you take your top down?
I hoped you would understand about maybe's and possibilities and the losses thereof- you do- it is exciting!
Do you know the song? You must hear it if not- its got a Reggae beat and an island feel!
Mom- i am running the risk of becoming the 'Wizard of Schmooz- I know that- but everything I have said about my family so far is well grounded, doncha think?
Rod- I have a coffe pot for you comin' up soon.
Barbara- David would win I betcha.
I bet ya'll have this album somewhere.
KF-I know you know this Album, you posted Lyrics for Oh sister a while back. i love the Hebraiic sound of the vocals of "one more Coffee" and I especially love the interplay of Harmonica and Strings throughout the album. Always felt that John Mellencamp must have been influenced by this album.

steve said...

Also, i used to sing 'Romance in Durango" at the top of my lungs to my Latin brothers in the kitchen.
It was great.

Mother of Invention said...

You are The Wizard of Schmooze for sure! Nobody does it better! (Carly Simon?)

Went to my first stand up comic show...except he was sitting down! He's 71! yep...saw Bill Cosby and he was great! had everyone in stitches! His face alone and how he rolls his eyes!

GEWELS said...

Steve- Depends on how much alcohol is involved!

steve said...

Gewels- I mean on the car hon; its a Convertable, isn't it?

GEWELS said...

I knew what you meant- you goof!
I was just playing.

steve said...

So is it a convertable?
I always liked the line in tha chuck Berry classic "Ridin' around in my Automobile where he says
'I couldn't get her belt a-loose"
Hey, you called me a goof!

GEWELS said...

Yes darling! It's a gorgeous convertible- hold onto your hat.

And you ahd to rhyme, didn't you?

GEWELS said...

Oh! of course!!!
I know that song. Been a while since I've heard it though.
Takes me back to my misspent youth.