Thursday, July 19, 2007


continued from parts 1 and 2

Yeah, Mother of Invention got it...starting at 9:00 that Saturday night, we began moving Larry's stuff into my house, my Garage, my back porch.
At about 1:00 in the morning, I called a friend and told him we needed some help..
"But I have a new girl over here" he whispers over the phone.
"I don't care if you're having group sex with a Penthouse Pet, the Playmate of the Month and Ginalollabrigida....I need your ass here in the next hour...."

You know what? He showed up!

The kids were thrilled...the five of them had set up camp in Rips room and Larry and Deb would take Water Baby's room.

At about 8;00 on Sunday morning as Larry slid the last box into my garage, I put the speakers for my Stereo outside...
We were both a little punch drunk if you know what I mean...
'Larry, you couldn't have planned this any worse if you had hired a mover to take all your worldly possessions to two different houses and we just finished moving you from three different houses into mine. What are you gonna do now"

Larry raises that handsome eyebrow again and says
"Well I'm not going to piss in my pants Steve"
and we just fell out laughin...
So I cranked up the Stereo.... the Bass and Drums are in this chopped up Rhythm....
BUM-ba-BUMbapum-BAbumpum-baBUM-pah pum pah- bum-pah-bum

and then Mick Jagger starts in....

Shattered, shattered
Love and hope and sex and dreams
Are still surviving on the street
Look at me, Im in tatters!
Im a shattered

So up and down the driveway, Larry and I start dancin'...doin' our best Mick Jaggers and a bunch of other stuff we just kinda made up...
We're in Tatters!
And before long all the kids are out there was great and our kids still talk about it.

Then the neighbor that never did like me ever since I carved a hand flippin "The Bird" at his house outta the tree trunk came out and gave me the Hairy Eyeball...even though I cut the "Bird " down before he ever saw it.

Larry didn't piss himself, but that week he quit his job and two weeks later we loaded up two big Vans and we moved his family to...
Pensacola Florida from Fort Worth Texas...
I really don't know to this day exactly why, or what was there for seemed that Larry just needed to go somewhere.
I moved Larry 4 times in two weeks.

I never liked a man as much as I liked Larry.


Old Lady said...

Is that anything like dancing in the streets?

steve said...

i have inadvertantly posted my working title for my next post...maybe its better if i just do tites cuz this one sounds pretty good!
Maybe I can start a pay-per-_Title thing where I come up with titles and sell em for 6 bits- wheres Kilroy when you need him?

Old Lady said...

You are true to your friends

Mother of Invention said...

You are just a riot! Pay Per Title! yeah, pitch that one...there's probably $$ to be had!

So give us an update on Larry since then.

Anonymous said...

hey cowboy. i feel sort of lost here. you see, it all started last week when i went to the zoo with a pack of wild animals ........

ahhh - nevermind. go read my comments over at your nephew's grassy strip. i'm in serious bad shape.

this zoo thing ....... now it's got me thinking i'm some kind of gazelle ......

sorry :(

Akelamalu said...

Just back off holiday and trying to catch up on the news.

You're a true friend Steve - hope your pal Larry is settled now?

Head Duck Wrangler said...

hmmmm... David Ogilvy, master of advertising says that one should never just place a headline at the top of an advertisement.
The headline should be chosen from a minimum of 20 possible headlines.
Another thing similar to headlines is the stuff they put on greeting cards. A friend of mine made their living writing greeting cards.
You could do that. Titles are very important and you are good at it. Do it!!! Then two friends of mine would make their livings writing greeting cards.
Best wishes,
Have a nice day,
Have a Tampa,
Think Ducks,
Stupid is as stupid does,
You never know what you're gonna get,
Keep the faith,
Quack, Quack

Dave Mows Grass said...

My only moving story is the time that I didn't help a good friend move a gun safe because I was too tired. You were tired and you still helped your friend move four times. Maybe that says something about you and about me. I've never quite gotten over the shame of that day. It was my lowest hour.