Thursday, July 19, 2007


"The owner of the house Larry was buying the house from finally arrived at 12:30- he had been due at 8:00 that morning.He had some kinda bad news.
There was to be no sale.We were far, really far, from finished moving for the day."

Larry was my best friend. The night we graduated from High school together, we sat on the hood of the Pontious and he talked about being an Artist and I talked about being a Chef. He now did Graphic Design for an Advertising Company. Not exactly Matisse, but Art has changed, no?
Larry had the sweetest little family. His very pretty wife, Deb, was from Belgium. He had met her while in the Service (thats where he learned how to overorganize) and they married as soon as he got his 4 years done. she and my wife were best friends as well.
They had a daughter, Erica, 6 years old; and a son, Mikey, 4 years old. They also had a new addition, a one year old.
My two kids were 4 and 6 too, and yes, they were best friends as well.
We were all best friends....

Larry had been Ramrodding the Operation from his old Rent house, and there was a lot of angst because the owner of the house he was buying had not yet arrived on the scene. I do not know the particulars of the deal, but it was a FSBO- "For Sale by Owner- nor do I know much about Contracts or Real Estate...but I know now that we had moved 90% of Larry's stuff to a house he would never spend a night in.
I think it was a handshake deal that went awry.
The bottom line was that his old rent house was no longer available. All his Earthly Treasure, including wife and kids, sofa and bed, every fork knife and spoon were now at a house no longer for sale, and the Movers wanted to know what to do with the half truck of treasure yet to be unloaded.

Every Mineral and Spiritual Resourse available to Larry were distributed between 2 houses and a moving van and none of these were to be final resting places.
It was like an Exodus to Nowhere.

Somewhere the call was placed to a Rental Agency, and a rent house about 2 miles away was found that Larry, his Wife and three kids could move into that afternoon. Things were beginning to move pretty fast.
Larry had the Movers load up what would be a truckload of the big stuff to take to his newly rented, sight unseen property. Somehow, we would move the first Truckload they had taken ourselves. That was all the funding that was available. I could not help but notice that Larry was starting to look a little ragged at the seams. All the color coding and organizing could not help us now.

While Deb was off at the Leasors signing an agreement, I began to load the Gypsy Wagon. I met the Movers at the leased house and they began to unload their Truck and I waited for Larry or Debra to show with the key...
Now, the movers having finished unoading into the driveway, bid adieu to me, and left.
Debra showed up with the key and began transporting what she could from the Driveway to the house. Larry was at the no longer for sale house with a friends Pickup Truck. I went home, hitched up my boat to use as a Moving Trailer and set off to help Larry.
Things were movin' really fast.

Larry and I arrived at the rent house with our first load.
Larry was beyond looking a little ragged at the seams...he was frazzled..he was be...shattered...
because this Rent house he was 'sposed to move into, that about half his stuff was already moved into was a real dive.
It was like a Roach Motel with a leaky roof.

Larry took one look around, raised that very handsome eyebrow of his, and said
"I'm not moving my family into this house".
It would seem his future now depended on me and the Gypsy Wagon.
I was afraid he might just "piss himself".

Sooooo...any guesses what our next move was?

"All this chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter bout
Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta -- I cant give it away on 7th avenue
This towns been wearing tatters (shattered, shattered)
Work and work for love and sex
Aint you hungry for success, success, success, success
Does it matter? (shattered)
does it matter?
Im shattered.
Shattered "
the rolling stones


to be continued


Mother of Invention said...

Crap! Such bad luck! I'm guessing they all moved in with you!???

steve said...

Good guess MOM...i'm going to have to "Tweak" this one some if I'm to enter it into the "Worse Moving Experience Ever " Contest I found on Davy's site...
Actually for me it was a real lark...but Larry...well, he had a meltdown...