Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We had an Arts Festival in Fort Worth last weekend. We have it every year and its grown to be one of the largest in the country.

There was a collage artist from Toronto, a really foxy gal, and I stopped and talked to her.
 "I have a blog friend in New Hampshire that does collages” I said.
“A blog friend?”
“Yeah, her name is Anita NH, and she does all sorts of crafts and stuff, she has her own shop out in the middle of nowhere, and collages are her specialty.”
Anita in New Hampshire?” she repeats, and gives me this great smile.
And now I’m really excited because I think maybe she knows Nita (I call her Nita).
“YES! Anita in New Hampshire” I scream. “She’s been on TV and written books and anyone that knows anything about collages knows Nita! Do you know her?”
She laughed and looked at me real kindly and said she didn’t. But I’m still excited because she is really cute and I said “But Toronto is really close to New Hampshire isn’t it? You must know her!” and she thought that was pretty funny.

She asked how I knew Nita, and I said because we are blog friends and she thought that was funny too, and then I got to looking at one of her collages.
It was pretty good.
It had this 50’s looking housewife, just her head on the right side, and then on the left there was a sequence of smaller pictures of this same woman having baked and iced a cake. The last picture in the sequence she was holding the cake up like a trophy or something. It was real June Cleaver/ Betty Crockerish, done in red and pink with a Frigidaire and GE Oven and I think somewhere in the collage was an old Rambler station wagon, a bolo bouncer and probably a Dan Draper looking man with a pipe reading the paper..
I said “Hey that’s pretty good. You know what it needs?”
“What?” she said, only she seemed to have lost her pretty smile.
“It needs like a Nuclear Warhead over here by the oven.”

She didn’t smile but turned and started helping a real customer.
I shouldn’t have said that.
I was too ashamed to ask for a card or anything, and just kind of slinked away..
If you know her, Nita, please tell her I’m sorry.

Anita has about 6 blogs going. I usually visit her "Temporary Blog" which is less art and more personal story. But if you are into quilts and crafts and such, she is a good one to know.

Here is a samlple of Nita's work....I don't think it needs anything at all!


AnitaNH said...

Hi Steve, thank you for the write-up and for all the links you posted. The picture you posted is not mine, however. The artist is Jeff Roberts from N. Andover, Massachusetts. He recently had a show at my town library and does some really cool assemblages.

I think the artist from Toronto is Marjolyn van der Hart. (We do not know each other.) I found her here:

bulletholes said...

Aw man...I wanted something of yours. Maybe I'll change it.

Yes, thats her! I looked all through the lists yesterday and didn't find her. I'd have thought I would remember a name like van der Hart.

I did at last add you to my links bar.