Wednesday, April 04, 2012


I have had to withdraw my offer on The Little Hoss Ranch.
During inspection we found the house had some foundation problems, and some electrical issues. I was all set to make a counter offer to the seller and maybe get all that stuff taken care of.
But when push came to shove it was my Financing that fell through. Since I have no current utility bills, and I do not have a signed lease contract between my landlord and myself, my credit rating is not as good as it was when I had those things going for me. final approval was going to take some time, and it looked like the best thing to do was withdraw the offer. Too many caveats.

I was surprised as hell last summer anyway, when they said a lowlife no count no credit bankrupcy foreclosure ex-doper slacker with bad teeth and knock-knees could get a loan and buy a house. After everything the country went through in 2008, did they not learn a thing?
 I feared for my country, that they would want to loan me $80,000.

In fact, they have about 4 bankers on it right now, staying up all hours trying to hatch a plan to get me a home loan.

So  I’m still in the game, waiting on new approval on some new scam to get Bulletholes $80,000 and in the meantime I am safe and happy living with my friend Angel Eyes, and we have cable, a couch, a stove and a pool, and I get up in the morning and the coffee is made and the birds are chirping and there is money in the bank baby, the money just keeps rolling in, and I get out of the shower I start singing because that’s what like to do in the morning….

“Sweet Caroline (bom-bom-bom)
Good times never seemed so good!
I’ve been inclined
To believe they never would”

And part of the reason I like that song is because I’m never quite sure what it means. What exactly is the singer inclined to believe? What good time never seemed so good? Good as what? When was that?
He don’t say and I can’t tell.
I kind of have an idea, but I just can’t tell for sure. Maybe you know. Maybe you think you know something for certain.
And that would be your first mistake!

All I know is it ain't over until the last brick falls

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Martijn said...

A post that blows me away! First of all, I'm sorry about the loss of the Little Hoss Ranch. But I so admire your optimism and cheer!

Just awesome.

(I've got 1000 more things to say, but can't find the words tonight.)