Tuesday, April 10, 2012


found at lotus feet~
photographer ladislav postupa


Martijn said...

You go so fast... I was still thinking about Sha Na Na's "Pretty Little Angle Eyes", and how it related to Lee van Cleef, and then how I used to have a professor named Van Cleef and how I rubbed him the wrong way one day when he thought I was cheating on a test when I wasn't and my pride was hurt and his honour, and then the Dark Side of the Moon came into view and now I don't have a useful comment. But I say hi! Waving and saying I'm happy to be here should be worth something.

bulletholes said...

Yes, Angel Eyes as played by van Cleef. one of the coldest villains ever. Thats the thing about it you know, when he's paid he always see's the job through.
Hey Martjin!