Thursday, April 12, 2012

"It's been quite a week, there was a drive-by shooting in Lake Wobegon."

I've waited about 20 years for Greg to come to play somewhere here in Fort Worth. I finally get my wish next month.

Lets do one more shall we? I posted the lyrics to this one a long time ago.


AnitaNH said...

I see where you made TYWKIWBDI's list of the Best Blogs of 2012. Congratulations!!

bulletholes said...

Well, that didn't take much! All i did was sign up! but the big thrill for me was a few weeks abck when I left a comment in his archives, and he updated the post based on my comment!
Funny thing is, you know how many people followed the link to my blog?
Exactly 1, and that was my friend SL @ assorted!
Still it was a huge thrill. I love me some TWIKIWDBI!