Friday, March 23, 2012


I haven’t said much about it, but I have been looking for a house to buy the last 6 months. All my stuff is in storage. I lived with Buckshot for a while, and the last month I have moved into a room with my friend Angel Eyes.

I haven’t written anything about that, I guess because I kind of have the Displacement Blues, this weird, sad, penetrating sense of not belonging where you are, which always leads you to feel homeless, eternally homeless, like you have never had a home at all, and that you are on an Exodus to Nowhere, and you may as well get used to it.

Even when I had my own place, it never really felt like home. That’s what you convince yourself of pretty easily when you start feeling the Displacement Blues. I have found my self quoting myself lately, that I haven’t felt at home in 20 years or so. That may be true, but it’s a terrible thing to say.

Anyway, at long last I have made an offer on a house , and that offer has been accepted, and it looks like I am buying a house. There are three really great things about it:

It is only three blocks from where I go to my 12 Step meeting and about the same distance from the Buttermilk café where I go for breakfast on weekends. It is also only 2 miles from where I work. I haven’t rode my bicycle for a long time, but of I ever just had to, I could ride my bike to work again, the way I did for 4 years before I had a car. It wasn’t that long ago.

Its cute!
It’s a clean little house in pretty good shape, and has some personality.

And the price was in my range! I had started to look at home that were more expensive than I really wanted to spend, and then this one popped up. I will pay $100 a month less than my old apartment cost me.

And here’s something weird…I can look out my front window, to three houses down the street and see the X-Mrs Bulletholes house! She and her husband Jeff, the three of us, we all get along, and my daughter lives there right now but she is moving out, and she will have a room with me. It’s a pretty cozy little arrangement.

I haven’t written about my son too much either, because all last year he wasn’t doing so well, but he is in school and doing GREAT, and now when he comes to town we will all be very close, and like I said it’s a cozy little arrangement.

So lets take a look at this house shall we?

I told you it was cute!
 And it has little hitching posts to tie up yer pony when you ride over!

 And it has a nice big backyard, and I can't wait to have a garden again, and get my hands back down in the dirt.

It has a big back patio, and the previous owners had begun to cover it with flagstones, but never finished. That might be something I could do, and there are nice tree's with good shade as well

 The Kitchen is real Susie Homemaker style.
That floor might need level.

 The front room is large, with good light.
There is not really a formal dining area.

And they have turned the garage into a sunken den with a fireplace.
Its nicely done, with good workmanship far as I can tell.

So that's it! The inspection is coming up Sunday. Closing day, if all goes well,  is April 27. 
I think I'll name after my old Nursery School.
The Little Hoss Ranch!


Sous Gal said...

Congratulations on ALL the good things you're making happen in your life :)

soubriquet said...

Congratulations, Cowboy!
I understand the displacement blues, been there, it gets so you get used to it, but always feel not quite able to relax. The house looks good, you'll be able to live in your own space, and shape it however you wish, with nobody slapping your hand when you turn up the thermostat, or leave a stray sock out!

I hope one day I'll be able to come and visit, tie my mule's reins to the hitching-post... Ha! You got any band-aids big enough to mend a mule-bite?

bulletholes said...

Mule bite! sounds seriou Souby. One day when you are local we are all gonna hyook up and meet face to face. I think that would be awesome.

Hey Sousgal....thanks for stoppin by!

SL said...

Your apartment from our younger days by the same name was legendary. Oh, the fun that was had by all! I'm thrilled you have found a place to lose those displacement blues and to call home. The Little Hoss Ranch 2!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, SL that was some kind of place. I mentioned it before HERE

Martijn said...

One heck of a home! D'you got a place in the garden where I can pitch up a tent when I come visit?