Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am spinning from the memory of a summer, the summer I said GOODBYE to Bedford Junior High; that summer of the horse with no name, when the 'heat was hot"; it was a T-Rex summer with diamond star halos' and limes in the coconuts and having a coke while you taught the world to sing. Late summer nights ridin' bikes with my buddies and singing about a long cool woman, ridin' down to Buddy Whittington's driveway to hear him hammer out some song we never heard of called "Big Legged Woman". The summer Kandi and I played spades during the heat of the day, listening to Patches and thinkin' 'bout our daddies.

The same summer Wayne Newtons daddy walked too fast; that summer of some guy named Daniel Boone singing that slap-happy song " Beautiful Sunday" and the horrible chorus is bouncing around in the hollows of my mind...

Hi, hi, hi, beautiful Sunday
This is my, my, my, beautiful day
When you say, say, say, say that you love me
Oh, my, my, my it's a beautiful day

Its killin' me, it really is...
And that dude singing about kissing a truck at a Garden Party, and 3 Dog Night singing that damn circus music, and that song with some kind of cowbell...too much cowbell.
Yeah, OK,  "the ink is black"... I get it.
And I'd wake up in the morning, and coming from my sisters room were the sounds of Donnie Osmond, and I'd start to sing along:
 "And they called it"....oh, never mind.
And some British guy named Gilbert singing about throwin' himself off a tower and all I could think was "Oh Gilbert, please do"
I had no idea it could get worse until I heard Sister Golden hair a few years later.

The only thing good happened that summer was 'Baby, I'm a Want You" and Myra and her Annie Greensprings Peach Creek wine.

And the 12 albums Columbia Records sent me for a penny.
I think I still owe them.

One of my first 12 albums from Columbia. They saved me.


red dirt girl said...

A lot of excellent posts that I've been missing! Sorry, busy with work and life. Always wanted to try the columbia 12 for a penny deal, but didn't for whatever reason.

Boston sucks??? Oh gee, I really loved 'More Than a Feeling' ... I rollerskated to it every Saturday afternoon at the roller rink. Same place at which I attempted to be cool by smoking a stolen cigarette from my mother's pack of benson and hedges menthol lights ... yep, that lasted about 5 minutes until an older, wiser rollerskating babe stopped in front of me and suggested that I learn to INHALE if I were going to smoke....

Funny thing now, Black Sabbath is considered 'Cool retro-rock' by my 19 yr old ...


bulletholes said...

Boston's first album really was great. But if you are going to pick on a band, you may as well pick on a good band. Anyone can pick on KC and the Sunshine Band, they are an easy target.

God how I fell in love with Black Sabbath in 1971.