Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last Saturday  we ran to Piggly Wiggly Supermarket for roast beef, and what are they playing?
 "Amanda" by Boston.
Not something from their first two albums that only sucked 100%, but the third album where they took suck to a new low!

You know what this is?
 It's Obama's war on good music. Of course, it could be worse. Have you seen Mitt's playlist?  He would be well advised not to even release the short form.

I hear Obama is waging a war on Religion too.
We tried to go to church last Sunday but couldn't.


Martijn said...

Boston are he guys from 'More Than A Feeling', right? Yes, they give even pop music a bad name. I didn't know Obama had such bad taste... I had pictured him like a fife & drum enthousiast or something, or white jazz. Most American Presidents seem to be into white jazz. (Great Batman picture too!)

bulletholes said...

Pic came from This Isn't Happiness.
Obama had a party at the White House a few weeks ago. Had Mick Jagger, Buddy Guy, BB King and even Trombone Shorty there.
Trombone shorty, he's roght up your alley Martjin.

Actually, the post is less about music and more about all the fearmongering about what Obama might do next to indoctrinate us into a completely socialist ans muslum state. Its thick here in the states these days.

Martijn said...

Ah, thanks for the answer. Some news about the Obamabashing is finding its way across the pond. I can honestly say: American politics scare the shite out of me. It is one freaky world out there and it is not doing me good.

Perhaps Trombone Shorty will. I will check him out right now.

West Texas Insomniac said...

Boston. Hmmph...It's funny you bring them up. They'll be in your neck of the woods before long. I know! Who knew, right?! So the question had to be asked, "Who's still in Boston?"...The answer is Tom Scholz. Not another swinging dick from the original band. After Brad Delp, the singer, decided he didn't want to live on this planet anymore, and took a nap with a couple of gas BBQ grills in his bathroom, Scholz replaced him with a sound alike. This cat had MySpace videos of himself singing Boston tunes. Somehow Scholz knew about him and invited him to sing at the Delp Memorial Concert and BBQ. And the rest is, as they say, rock-n-roll history.

Captcha is reaaalllyyy pissing me off.)

bulletholes said...

Tim I started to work something about Delp into this post, started to work a bunch of other stuff as well, but the fact is this is John David Allen's work, 90% anyways,imported from facebook, as gleaned from his status and the ensuiong comments.
Its too good just like it is to try to add to, doncha think?