Thursday, March 08, 2012


I was tagged for one of these Meme things (I haven't done one in ages) by my friend SOUS GIRL and it was lke 11 questions long, and you know thats too many questions for me, so I'll just do the first one. Go check it out and play along if you'd like click here.

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
My favorite is my freshest one, whatever it is I suddenly remember today that I had forgotten all about. It might be the nighttime walks down the street when I was four, with my dad, and there was a creek under the road, and on the road would be 1000’s of toads eating bugs drawn to the streetlight there. But I have remembered that before, so it cannot be my favorite memory today.

Maybe it was about the same time that dad showed me how to catch a rabbit by turning a wooden box upside down, one end held up with a stick that had a carrot tied to it, and when the rabbit went inside and grabbed the carrot, the box came down and trapped the rabbit so I could see him the next day. Only it never happened, that is we never caught a rabbit, and I’ve remembered it before, so it really doesn’t count.

Maybe it could be like when I saw the movie Godzilla, and the next day was a foggy day and as I looked out the garage through the mist I could see in my minds eye, as you may be doing now, Godzilla coming up the hill from the creek where the toads and rabbits lived, through the fog towards me. Coming FOR me.  I’ve thought of that before, but not too many times, and I don’t know why something scary like Godzilla headed straight through the fog for you is such a good memory for me.

I think it was that same week that they took the training wheels off my bike, and I was scared shitless and crying too,--"momma no!"-- but when I got on my bike and took off it was eezy-japaneezy, smooth sailing as I wiped away my tears and turned into the wind, flying down the hill to the creek by the toads, past the spot where I'd had the bad Tricycle wreck the year before, then hopping the curb, shouting laughing and bouncing down the bunny trail , headed straight for Godzilla and I think I had forgotten that, but now I remember and its alright.
Yeah, its alright.

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