Monday, March 19, 2012


This girl I know, man, she has been in Real Estate, and then Collections and Credit and now she is a Mortgage Broker. She has always been a real go getter. She can make the Earth and Heavens move. She's drivin' down the highway, weavin' in and out of traffic at 70 miles an hour and talking fast to a client:

'I can get you a 6.75 with no points and that's gonna' save you 58.64 on your monthly; or you can pay the points and go to 5.25 and that will save you 126.71. If we wait, I might get you in on a 4.85 No Down/Deferred and that will save you...hmm....lets see..."(now she's using a calculator, changing lanes and passing an 18 Wheeler that's carrying coffins, that right COFFINS, talking on the phone and sippin' a Red Bull and quoting Amortization Schedules)"...that will save you another 48.33 on top of the 126.71 and you'll get cash back. Yes, cash back. That's better than the EZ-Qualify, Zero Balance Floater we talked about before, and if we can get that in before the Bankruptcy you should be able to claim a Homestead, file for Zone 11 and get the Tax cut."

Now she has exited the highway and is screeching to a stop at a red light, and I am hanging onto the dashboard for dear life. I don't know what I find most amazing; how she does all this math in her head or the way she works a calculator while talking on the phone and driving, or that there is such a thing as an "EZ-Qualify, Zero Balance Floater" that will save someone who is currently filing Bankruptcy $200 a month on a house they are currently purchasing; or is the most amazing thing that President Bush just finished allocating 7 Billion Dollars to bail out the Banking Industry and someone is buying a house and getting "Instant Cash Back"

What I'm thinking is that they should put her in charge.

Heres a real nice foreclosure.

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