Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I see an article that down in Florida, in protest for the Trayvon Martin incident, about 100 High School kids have ransacked a Walgrens Pharmacy, and several of them left their Student ID's behind. They should be easy to catch.
It reminds me of when I was 17.  I took a job at some kind of Catfish place, and my first night there as I punched out my timecard, I found the bank deposit bag by timeclock where the manager accidently left it. It contained 800 bucks and some credit receipts.
I did the wrong thing. I took it.
I got a mile down the road and threw the receipts out the car window. Cops were waiting when I got home. The man behind me had stopped and picked the receipts up. No charges were filed. It was 1974, back when kids got paid a lot of slack for doing stupid stuff.
I don't tell this one too often. Its probably not the worst thing I ever done, but I'm still ashamed after all these years.
Not just that I would be such a poor thief, but mostly of how easily I got caught.
And thats the most shameful thing of all.


Martijn said...

I can understand your shame, but it makes a wonderful story. So the lesson is: steal wise, someone is bound to rat you out to the cops?

West Texas Insomniac said...

A felony thief, huh? I'd lift the occasional case of pop bottles and sell them, if someone was dumb enough to leave them outside or in the garage. But you're right about the cops. Back then they could make judgment calls. How many times did we have some wily sheriff sneak up on us and make us pour out our beers or dump a bag a weed? More than once. Matter of fact, I wish I knew the name of one small town cop this side of Austin, who chose to keep my ALL of my contraband and send me on my way one March night in 1984 instead of ruining my life at 19. I'd like to thank him. Good story, but you can come out of the penalty box.

bulletholes said...

Thanks Tim.