Tuesday, March 06, 2012


That’s what my NA literature says about us addicts, and it’s true. I‘ve been in a real dither lately and it comes out in all sorts of ways.

One way is when the car in front of me wants to make a right hand turn. Do they not realize what this does to the traffic behind them? How dare they!

Another way I can tell I am not functioning according to Spiritual Principles is when I stopped for a coffee at the QT Store. They have really good coffee there, and I’ve really gotten hooked on it, so I stop every day. When I stopped on Saturday I noticed that the cups they had were different. Instead of having just a little sippy hole on the cover for me to drink my coffee from, they had upgraded to a cup that had a little stopper thing for the hole, and in order to get your first sip, you had to use your thumb to flip the little stopper thing and open the hole. What kind of design is that? Who thought of that, and why wasn’t I asked before rolling these piece of shit cups out?
What is wrong with me?

The NA literature also says that the core of my disease is my self-centeredness. I often wonder what is at the core of my self-centeredness.
That’s what I’d really like to know.

I go back and look at some of the horrible things I’ve posted the last week or so and I know there is something seriously wrong with me.
Who do think I am?
Rush Limbaugh?

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