Wednesday, August 22, 2012


They are so serious all the time. I guess that's how they got to be doctors.
I have been having to see an orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder. After five visits, he still won't budge a smile. I like to think I'm a funny guy, but this guy is made of rubber. Humor just bounces off him.
He asked me "When does it hurt?"
I showed him my range of motion.
"It hurts here, and here and....sometimes here. But I tell you doc, the most consistent time, the thing I do that it always hurts, is when I scratch my nuts."
He didn't smile. He didn't look up. He didn't even flinch.
Just scribbled on his chart "Duly noted" I suppose.

I go in for surgery tomorrow. Rotator cuff; out of work for a couple weeks.
Wish me luck.


AnitaNH said...

37Best of luck, Steve. I hope you get cute nurses!

AnitaNH said...

oops, that 37 was part of my "Please prove you're not a robot" quiz!

Kristi said...

Good luck to you, dear!! Hope the surgery is successful so you can scratch your nuts pain free.

Martijn said...

Same from me: the very best of luck and don't let them screw you out of the ice cream deal.

Hope I'll pass the robot test...

SkippyMom said...

Good luck tomorrow.

And I do know what you mean about doctors. When I was admitted through the emergency room this last time I got a peak at what the attending physician had written - and although the guy was humorless he wrote "Although patient presents as very ill she retains a delightful sense of humor and irreverance [sp?]for her condition. Easy to treat. No complaints.

And this guy didn't laugh at ONE of our jokes.

Dave Renfro said...

Well, how'd it go?

red dirt girl said...

Hope it went well ..... and recuperation includes a lot of cute young nurses gently rotating your, ummmm ... cuff???

thinking of you cowboy!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are well. Just for my curiosity... did you usually sleep on your side, with that shoulder down?

Mrs. N

bulletholes said...

mrsneutron...yes, with the arm extended straight up.

Doctor is pleased with the procedure, and just sitting here I am in no pain. All is well.
Thanks everybody for stopping by!