Wednesday, August 08, 2012


“What we have here is the most stubborn person in the world. He taught me a lot of stuff,  mostly bad. I watched him dig himself into a hole, stop caring about himself, and turn away from the people he loved. Turn away from the people who loved him. But when it came time that I had dig my way out of my own hole, and learn to smile again, my dad showed me the way. My dad showed me that we do recover. What we have here is the last of the Individualists. C'mon up Pop!”

My son, the Rip, introducing me at last week’s birthday night at Another Chance Chapter of NA.

Birthday night is a monthly event where those celebrating a year or more of continuous clean time are introduced, usually by their sponsor, and invited to speak to the group. It is a more formal setting than your usual recovery meeting.

I was very pleased to have my son introduce me. It’s hard for me to tell all of his story here, but maybe someday I will.
What did I share that night?
Something like this…HERE


AnitaNH said...

I followed the links and saw the photo of your son. A very handsome kid. And I loved the two women in the background, too, smiling like you have made their day!

red dirt girl said...

Amazing. And poignant. I bet you had tears in your eyes. I do.


Kristi said...

Ohhh gyawd....I love this. Love the links. I must tell you a story soon, when I get over my back-to-work bleariness and exhaustion. xxoo

SL said...

All those stories from all those people, all so inspiring, all exhibiting so much courage...but when Lee spoke, and then you spoke, that was just the best! Happy Birthday Bulletholes!

bulletholes said...

Yeah, SL was in town, and she got to come with me to the meeting!!!