Friday, August 24, 2012


I'm good! No pain this morning. 

Yesterday in Pre-op, I started getting pretty grouchy. I hadn't been able to eat breakfast, no coffee even. I had a headache, and everybody was poking me and asking the same questions over and over.
I don't like questions when I'm grumpy. 

Then they did a nerve block on my shoulder, and it was hard to breathe. They rolled me into the operating room and I was miserable and I looked up at the anesthesiologist and said:
"You better do something PDQ, Slick, or I am out of here!"
He looked down and said "You got ten seconds, Hot Rod?" and that's the last thing I remember.

They knocked me out with Propanolol. 
Thats the stuff what that killed young Michael.
I woke up in post-op doing the moonwalk and singing "I'm a Thriller".


Sous Gal said...

SO glad to read that you're done surgery! (Gawd I miss a few days and didn't even know you went in!)

So what now? Arm in a sling? A cast? Will you ever play the piano again? :)

red dirt girl said...

Glad to hear you back from the living dead and talking to us!!! Ya-hooey!!

Hope someone is treatin' you real nice and special now.

lots of lurve,

Martijn said...

How are things in Neverland? And by the way, while you were there, did you happen to see my shadow?

(P.S. I am a facebook refugee now. Don't you breath it to nobody...)