Thursday, July 09, 2015


I was standing around with some of my musician friends. They were having a little jam practice session at Gilly’s house. Buddy wasn’t there, but Buddy knows all these guys.
Anyway, we’re standing there during a break, and I’m not a musician, so I started asking about all the equipment they had. They all had all sorts of gear. 15 guitars, 10 amps, cables and pedals everywhere. One guy had a whole box full of pedals.
“This one does this” he tells me “And that one does that, and the Bad Monkey gives you this, and the Cry Baby gives you that”.
I was pretty impressed, but I had to ask:
“So why doesn’t Buddy have any of this stuff?”
Man, all five guys with guitars kinda look at me, and then they look down at the floor, and the boxes full of pedals and there is a long silence…finally one of them says, almost as if he is confessing a great sin:
“Well, Buddy doesn’t need all this stuff”
They all nodded their head.
Break was over.
Back to practice.

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AnitaNH said...

Great song! I've just added it to my playlist.