Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Here’s a picture of Hillary Clinton with a confederate flag in the background. But its not political.
Its been posted by Dinesh D’Sousa, the guy that gave us the “Obama 2012” movie, and another one “What Would The world Be Like Without America” or something like that.
He would like you to believe this is in her dorm room or something. Apparently, he is reduced to photo-shopping old Life Magazine pics from June 1969, the one with Joe Namath on the cover, and the interview with Hillary inside.

Here is one from that issue, hands up, with no confederate flag. When you do a Tin-Eye Reverse Image search you get 182 returns without the confederate flag, but only one with.  For a smart guy like Dinesh, you’d think he would be smarter.

Oh, here's one, hands down. Nice pants.


AnitaNH said...

Good one!

Bulletholes said...

Dinesh's first caption for the image was "Is that a confederate flag Hillary is flying?", but he has now edited it to say "Whats with her hair and pants".
Does he not know we all had those pants in 1969?
Hi Nita!