Tuesday, July 14, 2015


After a few weeks of contemplation we have finally established our official position on the Confederate Flag:
“I fully support the flag known as “The Confederate Battle Flag” to be flown at automotive junkyards, displayed on bottles of whiskey, at Charlie Daniels Band concerts, and all KKK rally’s, as long as it is displayed properly”.


flask said...

i heard a thing a week or so ago in which somebody was demanding the battle flag come down from all national parks and cemeteries.

and i think that's a little extreme.

because while it should come down off of every decent modern public edifice, or places of institutional or governmental function, the fact is it's historic and battlefield parks and confederate cemeteries are perhaps the only appropriate place to fly it.

that banner rightly belongs to the men who died under it, and a battlefield park is a good venue to acknowledge its place in history.

and in daily use we just need to put it away and let all of our citizens claim standing.

hello, thirteen percent of americans. we are very sorry we did not let you join our club. we are now going to stop being asshats about it.

we hope.

bulletholes said...

I agree with all that. Its pretty amazing, down here where I live how many people still cling to that flag, and claim to find no offense in it.
A local high school voted to get rid of it in 1991. Anyone that went there before 1991 is still pissed about that. they say its a "southern thing".
I understand the southern thing full well. When I was a boy of 11 in Detroit in 1968 I was a George Wallace fan. pretty loud about it too. Now I didnt really know anything about George Wallace, but me being from the south, I felt it was my duty to support him.
So for all those people that went to that High School before 1991, you need to realize you about 6 years old in 1961 when that school was named (at the height of southern distress over Brown vs Boadrd, mind you) and get yourself out of that trap.

Thanks for stopping by Flask!