Thursday, July 02, 2015


Asking for prayers and good thoughts for my nephew Dave @ Dave Mows Grass.
After being diagnosed with cancer last year he has managed to keep an incredibly positive attitude, run a couple 25 K Marathons, joke about breaking his record slowest times, ride bikes with his son every day the last 4 months (even the days the chemo was kicking his ass) , build a bike, take up bowling using the most unorthodox style imaginable with great success, complain not at all about the side effects of chemo (even though it has turned his red hair to an albino silver), and from what I can tell be a really super husband for his wife Cristina.
Please pray for him, and all the other Cancer Survivors, and give thanks for such an outstanding facility as MD Anderson, and the doctors and nurses and caregivers and the good work that they do.

Dave is the most courageous and resourceful guy I know, and God is good.
Thank you.


SL said...

What an awesome spirit he has! Continued prayers for Dave and his family.

Bulletholes said...

Thanks SL!