Monday, November 20, 2006



I went back to that Church yesterday.
The one from . And I was loaded for Bear. I had let them slide a few months back but today I was going to have a little conversation with them concerning Rosa Parks. I had a few other subjects as well.

It had been since May and they were all very glad to see me. I took this opportunity to tell them that they might should wait to hear what I had to say before they decided whether or not they were glad to see me.

I told them I had been looking real hard for a long time for this spiritual thing they claimed to have. That if God were truly willing to meet someone halfway He better step on up. And that every time I turned on the TV and saw Benny Hinn and that other guy that sweats like a pig, I felt personally offended and it offended my search and what’s more it offended their very own position.

Confrontational? Me? What are you talkin’ about?

As they looked a t me somewhat dumbfounded, one of them managed to say that there were times that they were offended by Brother Benny Hinn, they would give me that.

I was just about to launch into my next subject... Miss Rosa Parks and how they had offended not only myself and their own position, but the entire Civil Rights movement with their STUPIDITY THAT COULD ONLY BE A PRODUCT OF THEIR BIGOTRY and what I wanted to know was how did they feel about that...when in walked the newest member of their class...a Black lady named Angela. Not wishing to poison their well, I said nothing. It was the right thing to do.

After the class, they talked me into going to the service. I told them I didn’t understand a word of it, but I went any way.

This is where it gets good.

At the end of the service, the preacher said there had been a man that came to him the previous week. The man was trying to start a Church and had 30 members but nowhere to meet as they had outgrown the house they had been meeting in. the preacher had gone to the board of Trustee’s and right now, as he spoke, there were 30 Rwandan and Congolese Refugees meeting in room 115.

It occurred to me then that if there is a God he must be bigger than the Sunday School class. He has to be.

And if he is bigger than the Sunday School class, then He might be bigger than the Church.

If He is bigger than that Church, then maybe He is bigger than Christianity, bigger than Judaism, bigger than Islam.

He just has to be.

If he is bigger than all of that, then maybe everything is going to be alright.


Dave said...

If there is a god, I've always imagined Him playing the god equivalent golf with a few of His other god-buddies. I believe He has just put Earth on a tee and He's going to his Milky-Way-sized bag to get His god equivalent of a three wood. Look out! Fortunately, it takes Him about a thousand earth-eras to make a swing. I also imagine Him having the power to know everything we are thinking, feeling, or doing, but I can't imagine Him giving a damn about it.

Keep capitalizing those H's!


Anonymous said...

looks like you're headed in the right direction, Steve........but then again, I never had any doubts...!

Barbara said...

I'm a firm believer that there is just one God. He sits up there and laughs at how we try to make religion so fragmented instead of looking at the ways we are all the same. I'd say that church is definitely making progress. When they decide to rent space to a Jewish congregation for Saturday services, they will have come full circle. Just starting to deal with the black contingent of the population is a positive sign.

Old Lady said...

I think you captured the essence.

GrizzBabe said...

Well done, Steve!

Mother of Invention said...

I like the idea of an "Umbrella God" holding a big one up there for all of us to gather under.

steve said...

I talked about God meeting me halfway and on this day He kind of "Headed me off at the Pass" no?
An interesting encounter...